Tying the Rusty Parachute Video

Tying the Rusty Parachute Video

Squeeky believes that we may see these bugs this week? Water temps in the mid 50’s range! Working their way upwards this week as well with the warmer and hot afternoons towards the weekend!

Historically PMD’s show around the 4th, 5th, or 6th of June. The first emergences. But we have in the past 5 years seen them as early as May 28th!

What will the week ahead bring for bugs on the surface? Don’t know. I do know that yesterday in the canyon produced no bugs. None. Today? Probably the same.

We can assume that the BWO’s have run their course. The March Browns? Probably gone as well. Mothers Day Caddis? I would guess that there are some more left in our system? How many? I don’t know that answer.

Working towards the weekend on this hump day. Warm again today. No wind though!

Nymphing red hot. The remainder of the disciplines not as good per above. Streamer anglers? Toss ’em if you want.

Enjoy your Hump Day! Tie up some spinners of the PMD variety for the next couple months. Last year was an epic PMD event for 10+ weeks. This year? Let’s hope it is similar.

Summer is coming to a river near year. The Mighty Mo. Look us up in Craig for all things Missouri River. Your entertainment, information, education, and customer service experts in Craig!

This highly popular Rusty Spinner pattern by the Harrop family is a killer when fishing June and July on our home water here in central Montana.

We fish it a ton. Biot bodied sparsely hackled almost floating fly that make brown trout move from their lane.

Yessir. That is the kind of move you want fish to make. Moving to take a fly is one way to make the fish behave aggressively. If you can get them to move, yes make them move, you got ’em.

This available in one of our Just Add Vise Tying Kits. Yep you get enough materials to tie 25 of these babies. All included int he kit. Plus this video with a QR code on the package and you can tie it in your tent if you wish! 25 hooks, boots, hackles, for you to get 25 ready for the coming season. Buy it online if you so desire. But not right now…We are getting these very popular tying kits put back together after the thinning of the herd this March and April!

A Rusty Spinner has long been the favorite fly amongst summer dry fly anglers. If you can’t get them on anything else, tie on a Rusty Spinner and fish it till you he eats it.

It’ll work. Honest.

Trust me, I’m a fishing guide…

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