Summer Video in Winter Big Sky PMD’s by Todd Moen

We have entered the 6 month countdown until the PMD’s arrive.

And I for one am damn excited. We have snow on the ground, high temps sometimes exceeding 40F, w/ a side of a brisk and chewy breeze.

Historically the PMD’s emerge sometime around the beginning of the 3rd week in June. We could see a rogue bug or two in late May. But that is just the first Pale Morning Dun tease.  A few more show in the 1st week. Again just flirting with us.

In a few days we also will enjoy the shortest day of the year. Conversely in six months we will enjoy the warm sunny days of summer. The longest day of year and the summer solstice. Did I mention the daily PMD hatches?

Todd Moen shows us SW Montana. We of course are here in central Montana on the Mighty Missouri River. IT is just like the video, but 50 times bigger.

Our large and long dry fly flats can have the feeling of an intimate environment just like the video. We truly love the summer time here fishing Montana’s Mega Hatch river.

Todd Moen of Catch Magazine brings us a much needed winter PMD tease today with Big Sky PMD’s.

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