Your Missouri River Monday Morning Fishing Report

Missouri River Monday Morning Fishing Report

We are headlong into the one of the best months of the year. June brings lots of great fishing for those who like to nymph and dry fly fish.

We love it because of the dry fly component. We at Headhunters lean towards the dry fly. Having said that we also like the nymph, but the dry fly is our focus here in Craig. You can nymph all 12 months and the dry fly bite does not encompass the entirety of the year, so, we love it when the opportunities present themselves.

Missouri River Monday Morning Fishing Report starts out with the reminder that you can actually fish the dry all day long right now. It does not mean that you will have success from dawn til dusk but it is an option for you if you wish. Many are not even tying the bobber on the line. It is OK to take a break from the nymph.

Dry Fly Report

June brings PMD’s and Caddis. The PMD’s are starting to show. Historically the PMD shows for the first time today, tomorrow, or the next day. But this year they came early. So today or tomorrow we may see the initial explosion. Let’s hope. Along with that comes the daily routine of the spinner falls, the emergence, and the cripple. We love that about the PMD. Once she is rolling you can set your watch to the spinner fall. Sort of.

Lots of them up and down the river with the majority of them showing int he canyon. Folks are canyon crazy these days so if you want some solace go elsewhere. Some up top and some down below. Go where you love.

The Caddis flies are out as well. They are just starting as well. I have been tossing an X-Caddis with success to blind waters and rising trout. They will eat it. Also look for fish in skinny faster water areas. They are in there.

Nymphing Report

Good. Long or short your choice. PMD and caddis nymphs. Try a green caddis subsurface for good times. A Frenchie or something like that for the PMD nymph. Lots of flies in the mix these days. Including midge and Yellow Sally nymphs too. Lots to choose from. Let the high sun help you with your nymphing choices.

Weather and Flows

Canyon Ferry Lake level is 95.7% which is 1.3% from full. So very soon we will see some more water coming our way. With this hot weather too, that will change some things. Although there is not much in the way of snow in the hills. So we may not see much in the way off more water. Current Missouri River flows are 5070 cfs with the water temps at 56F. A perfect PMD temp.


Missouri River Water TempsThe weather is hot. Hot enough to break out the wide brimmed hat. Do it. Sunscreen too. All good for the skin. For longer fishing careers.

Dearborn River and the Blackfoot

The Dearborn is fishable but lower than we truly like. A few more days of good water and she may be done. Call for an up to the minute report on the Dearborn. The Blackfoot is in shape, albeit green, and the Salmon Flies are on the cusp. Do it soon. We love to head over the divide to fish on the wetter side of the mountains. Headhunters will pop over the hill if you wish. We love to take the short drive to the freestone of choice.

New Summer Hours @ Headhunters Fly Shop

7am til 9pm daily. In a couple weeks we will be open even earlier. But til then the 7am show will have to do. Late shuttles, killer shopping after Izaak’s, and all of the best flies in the canyon. Wi-Fi service on the porch, cell coverage too. Your one stop shop in Craig Montana.





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