Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.26.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.26.14

Getting to look a lot like Christmas around here.

8″ of snow yesterday and getting colder all weekend long. By the time we get to Monday the daytime temps are cold enough to keep you from the water. Unless, unless it changes.

The anglers fishing before the storm, and Christmas Day have been doing quite well with the seasonal flies of choice. PINK…Lightening Bugs, Scuds, Sows, Czech’s, hot spotted midge, worms. Red is cool too.

Slow and shallow or medium depth or deep. Fins your hot spot and nymph e’m up.

Swingers and strippers are finding fish int he slowest of the slow at the back end of the drift. On the hang down. Twitch or tug at the end while crossing your fingers. That can be tough.

Water temps are holding above freezing at 36.5F. The colder air settling in for the weekend will drop that a bit. Missouri River water flows are 4280cfs. Pretty normal for the last few years. We should expect it to be stable for some time. Even if it moves up or down it will not be enough to change matters.

Actually a few midges around this last week again. Next week more?

Headhunters Fly Shop open all week long for your Missouri River needs like shuttles, guides, boats, flies, coffee, info, lodging, and a ton of simple bullshit. Fly shops have a lot of that kind of stuff…

fishing report, Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.26.14
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