Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report 4.14.14

As the weather warms just getting better everyday.

The sun always makes the fishing better. If you have had winter until yesterday morning that is. Today Monday?

I’m praying for sun. I did a little coffee & sun jig this morning before I wrote this Blog.

What will this week bring? Sun I hope.


Sun brings water temps that rise. Sun brings spring bugs to the surface. Sun brings smiles.

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

Deeper, slower, slenderer is the word on the river for those who like to strip their fish in. Or on.

Try those follies too skinny for most. Those that are not articulated. Those patterns that look anemic to Galloup fans. They certainly sink faster. Too much volume on the fly keeps it suspended in the water column. Honest.

Skinny Flies Rule.

Nymphs sink faster when they are slenderized too. That is why the iron worm gets there. Ju-Ju Baetis. Zebra’s. Thread based flies. Those Copper Johnny deals. We used to call those Copper Johns…back in the day Wire Abdomened PT’s. Just sayin’.

Split shot helps it sink faster. The nymphs. Try two for twice the success. Slutty flies are the answer. Did get a few on those Copper Johnnies today. Back in the day we used to call them…

Saw a few BWO’s slipping by the chines Sunday afternoon in the canyon. Just a few. Midge mania later int he day as well. Clusters peeling off the boat on anchor near the shore.

Maybe the dry fly deal is maturing. Finally.

Rolling through the month with guides out daily, tons of shuttles, Missoula visiting daily, flies beginning to shift to normality, and lots of fishing friends showing on the porch for the first time this year. We love and enjoy seeing old friends.

And meeting new ones too.

Shop open daily from 8am and staying late for after work shuttles, the best in local logo wear, all the fresh info you can chew on…digest it at your own risk.


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