Monday Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.17.23

Monday Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.17.23

All good on the Mo River front. July is half over and the dry fly fishing has been good, the flows are declining, the weeds are not terrible yet, and most are smiling.

Flows still falling. Currently When will it fall below 5K? Don’t know. It has been forecast a couple times already, but not as of yet. Waders are happy though as the flows are perfectly acceptable for those on foot.

Dry Fly Report: Good PMD spinner falls mid to late morning. OR afternoon. Do not see the emergence as it must happen in the dark. Blonde or chartreuse spinners, Rusty Spinners. Trico’s daily. Spinner fall about 9am. Differing on cooler, cloudier, etc days. Caddis flies off during the day localized. Skittering present. Watch for he chase behaviors of those skitterers. Spruce moths present. Ants, yes.

Nymph Report: PMD nymphs still active. Caddis Pupa a smart bet too. Zirdle and Crayfish working. Worms not as much. Zebras always work here on this river. Come in and see the mostly full fly bins and fly selections at HH of Craig.

Swingers fishing the soft hackles.

Strippers fishing the flash.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service open daly 6am.

Your stop for the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, shuttles, rental boats, guides, Craig local and riverfront lodging, shades, sunscreen, rods, reels, and of course a wide selection of Fly Lines including the regionally famous Headhunter Dry Fly Line.



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