Friday Foto Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Report

Friday Foto Memorial Day Fishing Report 5.23.14

Hooray for the weather, for the holiday weekend, for the trout.

All good things happening here in Craig Montana. Kicking off the weekend in the west!

If you are not coming this weekend, we certainly hope we see you this coming weekend, or for the hell of it, try the mid week. Take the week off. We’ll understand.

This last weekend with the Caddis Festival was awesome. But who could beat this weekend with the weather and the fun here in Craig. Check out the weather. Over 80F today!


Friday Foto Memorial Day Fishing Report

To keep you on track while packing for your trip tot he Mo, we have compiled a list of items to include when rolling up to Craig Montana.

Drift Boat. The flows are at the 8770cfs zone and we want you to have a great time. A boat will allow you greater freedom as the wade fishing is diminished with these spring release flows. No boat? Rent one from us! Try out the NRS IDB. You may like it. An Adipose Flow?   A Diablo Kayak? Yep, we got those too! Fun floating devices at Headhunters.

BBQ. Bring one of these if camping. Or visit Izaak’s. Open daily @ 3pm for cocktails, 4pm for dinner. Try the Nacho’s for a pile of goodness. Ribs for dinner. Home made ice cream for dessert. See Stevie or Claudia for a Moscow Mule!

Headhunters is rumored to have a Tube Steak BBQ on Saturday? You heard anything about that?

Rods. Bring fly rods. Lots of them. A streamer rod with a set of sink tips, a dry rod with a RIO Gold attached, and a Nymph rod with a RIO Indicator II line. Want to try a new rod for 2014. We got ’em! Demo a rod from Headhunters like a SAGE Method or One or Circa for those with dry fly aspirations. An Orvis Helios 2? A Sweetgrass Mantra Bamboo? You want one of those? Try before you buy at Headhunters.

Flies. Bring a boat load. Or get some additional hot flies from the shop. We’ve got the most comprehensive selection in Craig. Bar None! Scuds, Sows, FB’s, derivations of Mayfly nymphs that will blow your mind, caddis pupas and emergers, Midge Mania, dry flies like cripples and emergers for the March Brown emergence, and a vast selection of caddis dry flies as they are happening now and the invasion could come this weekend.

Sleeping bag. Don’t forget the sleeping bag and have to sleep on the hood of the truck. Not that I’ve ever done that. Check out our site for over 20 great canyon rentals!

Camera. Bring the camera for hero shots and for capturing the moment your buddy falls out of the boat.

Beer. Whiskey. If you space it, you can always pick up a 12 pack at Joe’s. Open daily @ 8am. And you know the rule. If you see me in the bar @ 2am, send me home.

Mini Bike. For hi-jinks around camp. If you need a shuttle, call us, stop in, or just send us an ESP message. Ninch can pick up on those type of things. He is very perceptive.

Wiffle Ball and Bat. For fun after fishing. Don’t throw out your casting arm. And definitely not your rowing arm!Or just come to the porch and hang.

Sunglasses and sunscreen. A sun shirt for good measure too. It’s gonna be real nice.

Smiles. Bring a bundle of them.

The cooler. A YETI. Full of the BBQ fixin’s, Budweiser, Gatorade for the hangovers.

A map of Craig. If you don’t have one stop into the shop and we will draw you one. Just get off on exit 234 and you should be fine. How do you know when you get Headhunters? Just look for the funnest fly shop in the world, and turn right.

Headhunters open all weekend @ 7am with a free cups of Joe for those in need. Open late til at least 8pm for evening shuttles, apres fishing hang, fly line cleaner, sun hats ,shirts, gloves, sunscreen, flies, free info, an ear to bend, smiles, boat wash, demo rods, boat rentals…







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