Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.30.14

The fishing can be difficult as the Rainbows are, or seem to be on strike.

Or on the spawn. They are not as present as they have been or will be.

But the Brown Trout are out and being caught. Lots of big ones caught this month and more to come. Missouri River Fly Fishing Guide Ben Hardy with this big trout client caught this last week. The fishing will heat up as the fish return to the river from the tributaries and the Rainbows come off of the spawn. May will be a real good rocking month. It always is.

The nymphers have been beaten the last week with the catch rates down. Is it the depth, the flies, the flows, the weather, the sun?

Maybe. All you can really change is the depth, add more split or take some off. Move the bobber farther from the split, or closer. The drift? Mend better bro’. those are the variables we control.

The others? Mother Mo is large and in charge. Always.


The weather is warming through the week. Will the bugs keep coming on strong? Yes. Oh yes they will.

The flows are currently 8670cfs and water temps are holding at 44.5F. Good times. We expect the flows to be stable for a while. I see information on the web that may not be correct and pure speculation. Be careful who you trust for your info.

The tributaries will certainly see some more water as the mid and upper level snows will budge with the latter week daily air temps.

Another couple days of the Spring Special and then back to normalcy. Many that have enjoyed the $300 Guide Trips and discounter Craig Trout Camp lodging have pre-booked for the 2015 season. Do you want to be involved in the best deal in Craig this coming year? Then book today. Nothing wrong with planning a spring trip early. Just means you got more time to tie killer Pink Flies for next year.

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