Missouri River Montana Winter Fishing Report 1.7.16

Still winter out here, out there, on the river. Cold as she goes.

As John stated yesterday we have cancelled our Saturday Trout Spey Clinic as it will be too damn cold for any good kind of learning. One of the first tenets of learning is putting the student in a comfortable situation. Therefor allowing the mind and body to be focused on the task at hand. 7F does not create the correct learning environment. Nope.

Missouri River Weekend Forecast

Wind Chill values falling below ZERO for the near future. Too cold to fish for sure.

So this a call for you to focus on tasks at home. Like getting your tax shit together. Sound like fun?

Doing tax work only sounds fun until you try to fish in below zero air temperatures.

Then it becomes fun…

So, what will you do? Watch playoff football? A good second option after you do some expense receipt fiddling.

Missouri River Montana Winter Fishing Report 1.7.16

Those who have been fishing have been cold. A theme is developing swiftly here. Shelf ice is a problem. The winter water is full of shelf ice. Out a ways too. Slush and large 10-30ft square ice plates are floating down the river too. Kinda dangerous folks.

The normal winter fishing report is as follows…Cold. Water temps in the low 30’s. Still warmer than the air temps for most of the week. Swing it if you choose. Dunk it if you like. But no floating flies around this week. Sorry. In a month or two we will get our dry fly rods out of storage.

Of course we would love for you to come out for a visit. But bring a bottle of Fireball and stay awhile. Inside the shop.

After you get those taxes in the bag plan out your fishing vacation for the summer. Call us up and we will get you on track.

The skiing in Montana has been pretty good so many Montanan’s are out recreating on the slopes. And why not. Good snow begs to be skied upon. And those snow machine families are enjoying it too.

Happy Weekend to all whatever you might find yourself doing!

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