Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

Missouri River Monday Fishing Report 3.31.14

I think we are turning the corner on spring.

The indicator birds have arrived. The Robins and Starling last week. The Bluebirds a couple days ago. Yesterday the Osprey came home for the summer. The Goldeneye are on their way out…

And snow/sleet/rain last night.

The weather this week looks bester as the days pass. We like Wednesday through the weekend. Much warmer temps make us smile.



Missouri River Monday Fishing Report

  • The streamer bite is turning the corner too. Strip them slow in soft and deep runs with sink tips. Find water that is not too fast, not too slow…the water that is just right. Soft sides and hard sides are coming on. IF they do not respond, try different water. Then change the fly.
  • Flies that work for the bugger whackers include the Dalai Lama olive or flesh, Skiddish Smolt original or brown, Hot Headed Leeches in purple or black, mini or micro leeches in a few flavors, Ramp to Ramp in traditional colors, Kreelex in bright or yellow, Zonkers in all colors. The theme is jigged heads with a side of flash.
  • Nymphs? Standard Issue. Pink, Midge, and Baetis. You could try a worm is you wish too. Add more split and find the zone. It could be in closer, out farther, in faster, or maybe slower water. The fish can move, they can swim. The bite is consistent while the fish location may vary. Keep the flies in the water as long as possible.
  • Dries? Not too hot. A very slow March for the dry fly. While some fish have been caught, we are not out finding them wily and dry flies leaving the store are pale in comparison to nymphs and even streamers. More streamers leaving the store than fires? Yes. It will turn around. The dry fly bite and the hatch scenario.
  • Anglers this previous weekend fishing top to bottom. The entire river has fish and is fishing. The streamer guys going lower, the nymph guys staying higher.

Shuttles daily and good avail for the coming weekend in our local lodging spots @ Craig Trout Camp. A few other cool river houses avail as well. $300 Guide Trips continue to roll out daily. The best pricing coupled with the best guides? Slam dunk.

Laying carpet today. Fooling with rod display too. Installed new counter, counter tops, reel display and new line display this weekend. No April foolin’.

Give us a call and set up your summer trip today. Late July and August are looking good. Lodging and guides available…


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