Missouri River Fishing Report 11.9.17

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.9.17

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.9.17


Not too bad. I’d give it an 8 for the time of year. Could it get hotter? Oh yeah. But consistent enough to keep you interested. The water temps are falling rapidly and the fish have moved into a bit slower and deeper water than as recent as last week. So you may have to change your tune when nymphing in the next couple weeks.

Flies that are on fire include the Tailwater Sowbug, Amex Pink, Firebead Ray Pink, FB Soft Hackle Sow, Zebra Black, LGM, Ninch’s Fish Finder Worm, Ninch’s Ball Gag, Tung LB Pearl, LB Pink, ClawsR Cray, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, and Rainbow Czech.

I’ve been doing well on larger sized nymphs the past couple weeks. But I always prefer the larger fly if I have to choose between the little one or the big one, I go big. I used to go little, but then I changed my tune. I think it is a part of our evolution as an angler. Some go small as they age, I choose to go the other direction. All personal choice. If you abandon the objective approach, then all you got is the subjective. Right?

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.9.17Dry Fly Report

Big Adams for me. Smaller BWO’s are out there in small numbers. Small. They may have totally passed. But, the weather looks good for the dry fly bite to improve the next couple days into the weekend so don’t get so sad yet. It may happen again for another reek or two. Maybe.

I’ve been tying an unweighted sow off of my Adams and having success for weeks. That has been my jam. But you could tie any number of danglers on there and do well. I’ve been tossing it in skinny water and getting a few to bite.

But if you want the entire list of popular flies for catching trout this last period including the one to come then here they are…Quigley’s Sparkle Flag, Harrops D & D Cripple , Quigley’s Film Critic, Q’s Stacker Midge, Purple Haze, P-Adams, Harrop’s Last Chance Cripple, DOA Cripple, Smoke Jumper BWO, Harrop’s Hanging Midge, Buzzball, G-Gnat, Hi-Viz Spinner BWO, Stalcup’s Cluster Midge, Harrop’s CDC Cluster Midge. 

Streamer Update

Not too bad here either. Not red hot. Somewhere in the middle. Leeches, and of douse the flash. Intermediate tips are again the key for bright sun days or even a type 3 sink tip. IF the clouds cover the sun then a dry line is money. The flows are up to 4K and you oughtta keep that in mind as you are rigging and stripping and such. Go deeper as the water temps cool too. Those fish are slowing down and you may not want to strip it like you are a 17 year old kid alone at home with your parents out of town. Slow it down a bit turbo. 

Trout Spey

Our favorite time of the year to get out there and swing some flies. Bigger flies have been working but again the retrieve and swing can be slower as the fish slow themselves. The dead swing has been good. Some are jigging with success. Some are stripping.

Scandi and Skagit lines are top shelf. Play around with your tip selection when going the Skagit route. Some days the dry tip will be good, if targeting that super slim water in riffles and hovering above the weed beds. Overcast days. Some times the 5’X5′ IMOW Medium tip will fill the need. That T-11 or T-8 can get you to where the fish are. We have a full selection of Skagit Tips in stock for all of your depth decisions. OPST, SA, RIO, and more at Montana’s Trout Spey Specialists.

Swing & Streamer Flies are as follows…Masked Bandit Pearl, Bead Head Simi Leech, Thin Mint, Pine Squirrel Leech, Kreelex, Black Clouser Minnow, Foxee Clouser, Harrop’s Black Soft Hackle, Delektable Sext Fly Soft Hackle, Partridge and Orange, Partridge and Peacock.

Come by anytime. Book your 2018 trip today, or soon for the best in guides and Missouri River lodging. Think of us for Christmas 2018. We’d love to help.

Looking good for the weekend. On site cabins along with rental boats, maps, Trout Spey Demo Rods, and all yo need for your fall weekend on the Missouri River.


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