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Spey junkies are constantly hounding us for opinions, info, gear reviews, line recommendations and technical advice. I don’t think everyone who stops by or emails a question¬†needs an answer. They just want to get a discussion going. It’s winter after all. We’re all swinging two-handers and relishing the solitude. Or is it too much solitude? Maybe we do need a little camaraderie?

We don’t mind the questions. Spey fishing and equipment is something we talk about all day at the shop. Even when you’re not there. And we also like to recommend some of our own favorite resources for customers to check out. I think Dewey and Braden have watched every one of Ed Ward & Jerry French’s OPST videos. Ten times, and totally justified. Technicians Sara and Ben have studied spey focused blogs like Deneki for years, and continue to promote them as a resource for our customers.

Most of our customers are aware of Deneki Outdoors and their prominent website and blog. Deneki operates several camps in Alaska, BC and the Bahamas. Two of their camps are particularly noted as spey fishing destinations. BC West (Dean River) and AK West (Kanektok River). Both of the fisheries are storied for fishing the two-hander. The Dean River is almost mythical among Steelheaders. A place I feel fortunate to have fished several times. The guides AK West were integral in popularizing spey fishing for Chinook (King) Salmon, as well as the other species of Pacific Salmon and big Alaskan Rainbows.

Go check out their blog, and really dive in. It’s been around for several years (an eternity in the Fly-fishing Internet world), and you can find some excellent product reviews, knot tying videos, fly tying info and their very popular “Rig” articles. The “Rig” articles (my term) feature a different guide and his particular rig for a specific species and scenario. And by rig, I mean for your backing to spool knot all the way to the knot they ties the fly on with. Pretty interesting stuff.

Deneki also offers some very good gear reviews. And these are on-water reviews by people who fish, not “reviewers” or folks who make a living writing fluff for magazines. I don’t believe I have ever disagreed with a Deneki equipment review. And I like to disagree…

It’s the middle of winter and while all you hardcores are swinging, the days are short and cold enough to leave a few hours for internet research.

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