Troutspey Around the Corner

Swing Season (spey season) is approaching. We’re not there yet. There’s still some big hatches to be had, as well as our epic Montana streamer fishing. But it’s getting close.

Sara, Ninch and I are starting to get the lineup card in order for winter spey season on the Missouri. We were down at the ramp today tossing the Echo Fiberglass Switch #4, with various lines. Included were the Airflow Switch Streamer and the brand new RIO Skagit Max Troutspey.

Tossed them both well, but those smaller rods seem to like the mono running line we rigged the Troutspey with.

There’s very few anglers around the Missouri River right now. Must be the smoke. It’s thick.

The quiet “slack” time allows us to walk over to the river and do some testing. Might even get a 6pack from Joe’s on the way there. Joe’s is on the way there. And back.

If you’re interested in attending one of our Spey clinics this winter, call the shop to find out about dates and sign up. The first class already has some victims.

Stay tuned for more Troutspey…

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