Yes, they are here.

Yes, they are here. The bugs that is.

A common question the last couple weeks.

Have the bugs arrived?

I think we can certify that they have arrived.

Yes, they are here.

Midges? Yes.

BWO’s? Yes.

You? We hope so.


Check out the all new IDB. The inflatable drift boat by NRS. The Freestone Drifter is on our lot and ready to rent. You gotta love this river tool. One of the best!

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  • Great blogs. Live vicariously thru SOL’s reports. Old, tired and fishing when able. Will be in soon to render fly tying clinic that money can’t buy. You sell great stuff. So do I , only it’s not my job any more, it’s my calling ( ask Dick L. One of

    my her

  • Live vicariously thru Marks blog. Thx. Fish when able- disabled spouse. Loved her 40 years. Give her the time she needs. Would you? Ask. Dick L. , my friend and Artist Laureat of the Mo. – Would you like a fly tying clinic? Ask Dick- I can produce call @ 7813224. . Would you? Ask Dick L.

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