Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.22.14

Getting warmer by the day and the water temps are following suit. You should bring your warm weather gear as many have been over dresses. On the Mo, in the month of May? Yes, it is gonna be 80F today.

We like 80F.

Headhunters Guide Nick Stipech and our good friend Ben Ashley with this pig Rainbow above. Nice weather accompanied by nice fish. Nice fishing too.

As for the fishing and the flows. Stable. The Dearborn is 867cfs and stable at 50F for a peak high. Matching the Mighty Mo. The LPP near WC is holding at 315cfs with the Mo at 8720cfs adn 50F as well.

The lake, Canyon Ferry is at 71.6% full. Up from the holding level of 70% this last month. The gates at the dam are open and we are enjoying the stable level here on the Mo at the nearly 9K level. Keep this in mind as you navigate the Mo at this level. It is only 2′ deeper than your wade fishing favorite flow of 3K. So, not too bad. Only 2′ of water. Just adjust your plan accordingly.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Dry Fly? Still a struggle for most, on any given day you may find a few. If you are diligent and lucky, and damn good as we know all of you folks are…then you may find more than a few. The caddis are gaining the foothold on the lower. GO there and command a dry fly performance.

It is also time to get out the caddis nymph box and start dominating subsurface. Caddis are on the rise! In subsurface numbers that is.

We just love the caddis as it may be the first true sign of summer. While we know that the summer does not actually start until Mark hosts one of Headhunters Famous Hot Dog BBQ’s. Coming soon…this weekend?

Some would say it come June 21st. Most actually.

Nymphs? Get out the caddis vault fly box. Don’t leave behind the mayfly jug either. We still got those. Midges? They are ubiquitous.

If you need scuds and sows and worms come on by the small shop in Craig with all the personality. Headhunters has all the flies to fell, no fill you needs.

Streamer dudes are getting it done. Strip, sink, then strip and smile. Headhunters also has all you need to attach to the end of your dry line, your intermediate line. We have T-8 and up. Cut the Airflo version to length. Try the MOW Tips from RIO and get it there Idaho Style. Sinking leaders for streamer success. Or just toss your dry and attach a heavily weighted jig. And jig it man.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 7am for all your Missouri River needs. All of them.

Thanks for reading this fishing report nd blog. We appreciate the look. Introduce yourselves in the shop. We love to meet our readers!




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  • Pictures of the Mighty Mo fish are looking extremely healthy! Very nice!

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