Missouri River Midge Mania in April

Missouri River Midge Mania in April

Missouri River Midge Mania in April

Fish on top. Fish on the bottom. Fish in the middle. Missouri River Midge Mania in April has begun.

BWO’s too.

Saturday and the wind monster has arrived. Gusty and windy on the river with a hi temp of 42F today. Brave souls out there hoping for it to knock down or to find a back channel or leeward eddy to toss a dry fly into!

Missouri River Midge Mania in April
Midge Mania.

All is well there this week on the MO. Lots of midge insects out there. Our best hatch so far this spring. The BWO’s got going this week as well but not 100% yet. Maybe next. It looks real good out there.

Most anglers are in the canyon, canyon crazies, and so find your favorite water and fish it. Not as busy up top or down low.

The coming week looks like dry fly weather. Overcast, some snow, and bugs. A good one to fish.

Spring Special is on and the Headhunters gang is out there guiding. We are in full swing here in Craig. Fly Shop open daily 7am til 8pm. Last minute updates like a new fly line, fly line cleaners, gloves, sunscreen, the best streamer selection, demo rods, rental waders, afternoon shuttles after our neighbors have closed, apres Izaak’s shopping, sale rack, and more here at your favorite Missouri River Fly Shop!

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