Late July Missouri River Fishing Report 7.27.2020

Late July Missouri River Fishing Report 7.27.2020

Late July Missouri River Fishing Report 7.27.2020

Just the facts today on this Headhunters Fishing report right outta downtown Craig Montana from your fly fishing HQ @ Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service.

PMD’s. Waning we think. But the best dry fly can be the PMD spinner. Rusty or blonde. Have a few of these on hand for the trout you want to catch. Maybe another couple weeks of PMD action. They are certainly part of the daily spinner fall melee. Frenchie’s for the heavy fly and any one of the smaller PMD brown flavored

Caddis. Great. Skittering in the afternoon. Spent in the morning. Hatching all day long. Great at night. Downwinged flies are always best. Headhunters Fly Shop carries the Best Flies Under the Big Sky. All you need at the shop. Stop in first and get your flies for the day, for the week, for the month. We got yer back here @ HH. Pupa’s for the nymphers. Caddis going strong another couple months.

Trico’s. In full swing. Trico spinner falls daily about 930am. Earlier when it gets hot, like this week. Cluster spinners, Quig’s Cluster, Griffith’s Gnat’s, Double Wingers, Sunken Trico’s, Harrop’s Trico Spinners, your cool homebrews. Little Black Mo for the nymphers, Zebra’s too. Magic Flies? Will go another couple months as well. Well into September this year. Look for epic spinner falls daily the coming weeks.

Callibaetis. Around here and there. When you see 5 insects spinning in the air, tie on a spinner. When you see a spinner or 3 on the water tie on a Callibaetis spinner.

Ants. Oh yeah. A guide fly for sure. Cinnamon, red, or black. Tie on on you can see and fish it well.

Hoppers. Pink, purple, tan. Foam. Toss them int he center of the river. 18″-36″ of moving water.


Flows. 4949cfs. Temps 64F.

Weeds? On the lower river, and coming uphill. Not bad yet for those wondering.

Shop open daily at 630am.

Lodging available and guides too for the coming month. Could be great this August! Will it? We will let you know after it all happens.



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  • Years ago I saw a video about HH fishing the Missouri that I have never forgotten. Do you swing flies with spey rods and if so when would be an ideal time to come fish? Thanks, Les Martin

    • Les, yes we swing the Missouri with ultra-light Spey rods, and we do it all year long. Flies and lines change over the course of the year. Early summer is often tough because high water levels make for tough wading. November and December are excellent with streamers, leeches and large soft hackles. Late June through August we typically use small soft hackles and floating lines. September can be excellent fishing with both streamers and soft hackles, but weeds can be an issue. Pre-runoff in late March, April and early May typically involves sink tips, soft hackles and leeches. The water is cold but weed free. If you have any further questions please feel free to email

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