Missouri River December Fishing Report

Missouri River December Fishing Report

Cold this coming week. Maybe for a couple weeks.

Historically the slowest time of the year on the Mo is this month. Save for the Christmas shoppers there is not too much movement in downtown Craig.

Swingers are the most common angler on the Missouri for the next month or two. Remember we have the Spey Especial running through the end of the year. Spey Guide Trips for $400. Call to get on board.

Streamers of all flavors seem to work on any given day. Flashy is what I have been rocking. Others are into the un-flash. Popular are the old standards. Olive, black, brown.

The fish have certainly moved into the slow bucket like drop off inside bend regions. Yep, the deep and slow. Did pluck a few last week from skinny’er water, but fishing Monday that type of water did not produce.

Nymphers are all pink all the time now. Other than the small black fly of choice, the Zebra. You can mix in some sow bugs as well. But playing with the pink is probably the way to go until late winter. The midge will show in February, some years. The BWO’s start moving subsurface in March. Pretty boring fishing reports from here on out.

Lots of regional and local anglers around for the next 4 months. Pretty nice to see. We like the local gang.

Water temps dipped below 40F with flows rising to 5000cfs. Should be pretty normal from here on out. Except the watt temps will continue to fall with the daytime temps and quite cold nighttime temps becoming frigid as the week moves along.

Hit us up for anything you need this off season. Lodging, guides, Christmas gifts, and all things Spey.

Headhunters open daily 8-6. Stop in even if you don’t need to use the bathroom…

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