December Water Projection

December Water Projection

December Water Projection

Here it is.

Normal so far.

The word on the street is we will have a warmer than normal winter. We will have a dryer than normal winter.

But that is only conjecture, a projection.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

I think the guessers will be wrong. That is my guess. Big water years seem to come in bunches. Last year, the most recent high water year, was a big one. They usually come in bunches.

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  • As a retired Fire Fighter, we would go for a long time with no fires…….then there would be three in a row (always groups of three)…….then another wait.

  • Red Boat Mark
    December 5, 2018 6:49 am

    Randomness statistically comes in bunches. Cool bar trick: You can tell the difference between natural randomness and man-made. Tell a buddy to flip a coin 30 times and record the results on paper. Have the same person attempt to “fake” the result of flipping a coin 30 times on a separate piece of paper. When given the chance to look at both results, pick the one that has the longest consecutive run (of H or T) and that will be the actual random coin flip. Science! Something to try out on a slow shop day…

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