Missouri River Fishing Report 11.12.16

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.12.16

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.12.16

Good nymphing. Not too good dry fly. Inconsistent streamer fishing.

So that is the upshot of the fly fishing here not eh Missouri River this mid November.

Will it change? That is the only thing that is a certainty. Period.

The water flows are at a recent, seasonal average of 3750cfs with the water temperatures dropping slowly. They should fall off a bit more with the mid-week weather ahead. Actual cooling this week and possibly some snow.

Missouri River Fishing Report 11.12.16Way more seasonal. Way.

Snow on the horizon. Yep, will it come? Maybe. Guide trip out this week too. They are falling off fast now. But don’t hesitate to hook up with us if you need a late season Spey Trip or nymphing journey.

Sows are the word for the nymph gang. Mayflies if you so desire. Worms? Oh, yes indeed. Scuds and Czechs round out the fare this week.

Streamer fellers are onto the black and/or olive. Some days the bright flashy. Arnold’s Stinger Sculpins have been the most consistent in  my boat. Baby Sculpzillia’s are not too far behind.

Dry flies include the almighty late season sz 16 caddis. A fish catcher this month. Uncommon? Yeah, probably. But the fish will eat it. Tiny cripples, emerges, and duns as well. Cannot forget about them.

Wade fishing is king as we have lower flows and very little weed issues. Why not rock it out of the car this week. A boat is not imperative for late fall/early winter angling success. Choose your vehicle. For some it is not the drifter, but the cruiser. Like the FORD P/U Cruiser. With killer AM Radio and Thermos.


Great wade access here on the upper Mo. Have some fun up at the dam and beyond.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 7:30 am. Come by for an early cup of coffee and head out with a demo trout spey rod or find the right line for your existing spey rod. We got you back. We have a rack of sale items to boot. Save this fall at Headhunters in Craig.


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