Missouri RIver Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.6.13

Warm and windy today on Montana’s Missouri River. Temps in the 60’s and wind in the teens. Good stuff? No?

Slower traffic on the river today with football match-ups keeping some away. Sounds good to me. Not many though, lots of wade fishermen here this weekend.

Missouri River Fishing Report

Streamer Bite

The high and bright sun has not hindered the streamer fishing and streamers are flying out the door. In buckets. Bring your bucket. Dry lines are what some are using while others are sticking with the intermediate tips. We like both.

Smaller streamers seem to be getting some nice attention during the day. Try your larger junk in the mornings and evenings.

Dry Fly Bite

Good to great on any given day. The upper and middle reaches have been good to great depending on the flat you are on. Some fish are catchable, others are not. If you bump into stubborn fish…I just leave. You may want to hang on for much longer if you are the type to figure out the fly. Sometimes I lose the attention, the fire…it is October.

Emergers and cripples are good patterns for fooling the dry fly trout. Pseudo’s are out and driving some just bonkers. The Craig region is  a nice area for the dry fly.

Nymphing Bite

Great. Short, medium, long rigging techniques are all working well. Fish the faster stuff for some nymphing fun. The softer stuff is still producing and will increase in validity as the fall moves into winter.

The broken record fly pattern report. Scuds, sows, PT’s and things that look like BWO’s. Tie them on.

Weather for the Week

Cooler temperatures all week with a slight chance of rain. Oh so very nice. Would like it to develop into something more…more overcast and wet.


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