Headhunters Streamer Rig

Headhunters Streamer Rig | October Gear Tip

Get out your streamer rigs and toss them in to the water.

The Missouri River preferably. We like it.

The streamer rig that is an option is this one above with a swivel in play. We like to tie the short portion with stiffer, or heavier tippet. Will it stay away from the standing line? Maybe. Usually does and does not tangle as much as one would think.

A tippet ring is another option for this connection point. Bring your own swivels and tippet rings though. Go down to your local sporting goods and stock up. Get the smaller and heavier versions, more expensive too. Get the good stuff and you will be happier. The good stuff is always better. Way better.

Try this rig in different lengths. I like it short. You may like it longer?

The traditional style is to tie one off of the other. Off of the bend. This is a twist Squeeky learned from RIO fly line guru Simon Gosworth. He ties the tippet ring as opposed to the swivel. Squeeky looked at it and tied in the swivel instead. Really because he had no tippet rings.

Too much like a spin rod equation? Well then don’t try it…

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  • Mark showed me this a couple of years ago in the shop. It has been my go to set up since then and really works amazingly well. The swivel works great and makes me wonder how many other great ideas could be borrowed from other types of angling. Thanks again for sharing this with me and others. I really appreciate your generosity with information and honesty in reporting. You remain my favorite fly shop, by a long, long ways.

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