Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.30.13

Not many folks out. Not many at all. Less than 5 boats total from the Dam to Cascade.

Nice. If you like solace, this is your time. From now til March 1st. And some years, later.

The fishing? As good as you like it to be.

The dry fly fishing can be had nearly all day long if you know where to find them. Small diptera fat looking greyish black flies are ubiquitous. Tie on a small cluster and have at ’em. The hottest dry fly of the last two weeks? How about two for you folks today. Wait for it, wait for it…a Parachute Adams. A big one like a size 10. And the obvious choice being a sz 20 BWO Cripple. The D & D, the Last Chance, Smoke Jumper, Nymens…or you fav too!

Nymphers are having a hey-day. Daily hey-day. Up top they are rocking them on Sows. Caviars, Fire Bead Rays, Soft Hackle Sows, Arnold’s Sili-Scuds, Choi’s Spicy Scuds. Tie a Zebra on the back and roll on down the old river. Short, long, or medium. Choose your depth. If it ain’t working, change it. The fly and the depth.

Streamer Freaks have been coming in with better stories than they have for the last couple weeks. Maybe the entire month. It just had to turn around as the streamer fishing has been mostly piss poor. Nearly daily. So, while most are not setting any records, they are actually turning some fish.

The flows are holding at 2900cfs with the air temps cooler along with the dipping of the water temps to a sub 50 49F.

Shop open daily from 8am til 6pm. Longer when we need to if there are some wandering anglers late in the day. Guides available for the endless future and discounted lodging at Rainbow and Brown Cabins/$100, Craig House and Beach House discounted as well. Bring the whole gang for dry fly fun on the Missouri River.



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