Missouri River Halloween

Missouri River Halloween Fishing Report 10.31.13

Yep, it is over. the month of October is going out in style. Maybe dressed like a Brown Trout?

We got a bunch of hellraisin’ anglers on the water today and tomorrow in what is been a fantastic October.

Would you sell your soul for good dry fly fishing? Sometimes I would entertain the idea. For sure. It worked for Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin. Many claim he sold his soul for success.

The dry fly bite yesterday int he high and bright sun was good enough. Passed a couple non-local- locals on the water and they had been producing a nice catch stalking around with pea shooter dry fly sticks and having g a ball.

The dame game seems to be fooling our rising trout. A big fly that you can see and a small fly that you cannot. Pretty much the standard rule here ont he Mo. An Adams again was the winner in my boat with Headhunters Guide Jared Eden wrecking them on the Purple Haze. Tie a tiny dropper off of the back for cheating absolute success.

I have always said cheating only counts in school, or is only looked down upon. In real life, the connotation changes. Then we call it success. Hmm, think about it.

The weather for the near future is good. Overcast, drizzle, rising trout. If the damn wind will stay away, we should have a terrific November. The big bugs are scarce, but the fish will bite the big fly. So?


Nymphing is awesome. Just tie on flies you like and roll down the river. You can reference the last 30 fishing reports for additional information about the nymphs. Short is the answer, along with medium, and some long rigs too!

Streamer fishing has been better as well. Toss it, retrieve it. If the fly don’t work, change it.

Fly Shop open daily @ 800am til 6pm. Remember to fool with your clock later this week. The times, they are a changin’.

Missouri River Halloween | Tricks & Treats

A treat is new fly line on that streamer rod.

The trick? Getting a few items like this past your wife.

A trick is getting that finicky bank feeder to eat your sz22 baetis cripple.

The treat? Hopefully landing that pig.

A trick? Telling your boss that you need an addt’l week off to fish on the Mo.

The treat? Telling him off on your Facebook Page!

The trick? Executing the perfect slack line reach cast to a sipping trout.

The treat is battling with your buddy to get the fly unstuck from his head. In fact, the fly is through his ball cap fixed to his scalp!

Whatever the trick and treats in your life today are…enjoy it and be safe tonight.

We’ll see you next month right here on this very blog.

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