Friday Foto

Friday Foto | Snow on the Mo

Snow this week for the Friday Foto image.

It is mostly gone now, with some hanging on near and around the river. More forecast for the weekend ahead?

We’ll see if it materializes.

Until then, enjoy the solace ont eh river as the angler number are down to a November level. Still some hangers on around as the fishing is bonkers.

Thursday gave us wind, then let up. Today? Could be nice…

Friday Foto | Snow on the Mo

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  • Travis Fabrizi
    November 1, 2013 5:46 am

    I run a small fly shop In new York, What do you have for fishing in the winter? I tie a lot of flies for guys out your way. I plan on taking a trip out there in the spring for a couple weeks if I canaafter my trips calm down from the winter and spring steelhead runs. Nice website guys Mine is

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