Hopper Time

Missouri River Hopper Time

It si pretty good for the ‘ol hopper on the Mo.

Well, not too good for Mr. Hopper himself. But pretty good for those tossing them in the water.

We got lots. Lots in the bushes, lots clacking on the banks, and a few in the river. The Missouri is not the world’s best hopper river, but we get by.

Trico’s are still rolling in big numbers most every morning and that is the focus until the last spinner is inhaled by some persnickety Rainbow Trout.

Missouri River Hopper Time 

Then it’s time for a quick bite and cold Diet Coke. Tie on the hopper and hope!

I love having hopper affairs during the late summer. It is the finest. Many love the small sipping daintiness of the trico’s…I love the gulp a a good hopper eat. It is really cool.

Get your RIO Perception fly line and get after it. The head on that classic hopper type fly lone is just right for picking up 25′ and chucking it back at the bank. A RIO Grand is not too bad either. But the Perception is our favorite late summer fly line. Check it out next time you are loading up on hoppers. Try a new line too. Just like Christmas in August.

We are digging the foams here in Craig. Get yourself a bottle of GINK, douse the foamie, and watch it get eaten!

Staying a couple days? Try one day on the Missouri and one day not eh Blackfoot across the divide. A perfect two day plan!


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  • Love hoper fishing too!
    I still remember the hot & windy days on the Mo near Cascade.
    Looking outside from a rainy Netherlands

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