Missouri River Late Summer Fishing Report 8.22.16

Missouri River Late Summer Fishing Report 8.22.16

The latest from your friends at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig in regards to the Missouri River Late Summer Fishing Report 8.22.16.

All over the board is the best way to describe the fishing in central Montana this last week. Good reports of catching trout with more of the positive coming from those in boats, rafts, pontoon boats etc. You can put the fly over more potential eaters when floating the river. More water sometimes equals more opportunities. And in this case, the answer is yes.

Streamers, dry flies, nymphs, and some are even starting to get the Trout Spey rod out of the closet this late summer. We are entering the autumn time frame with the change in leaves, air temps, and the angler energy is good.

Streamer Report

More and more reports of success with those tossing the big bug. The swimming subsurface big bug(ger). The weeds on the inside bends are not enough to make you mad, or nary…sometimes happy as the take with the big stick are priceless. Headhunters is the canyon leader in streamer and spey gear. The best in line selection, 100’s of streamer patterns, and tips that will get you anywhere int eh water column you desire. Leaders too.

Kreelex, any flashy shit, ‘Lil Kim, Wooly Bugger, Water Gremlin, Jawbreaker, Rubber Legs, Dali Llama, Bloom’s Rainbow Trout (RT), Skiddish Smolt always a winner.

We got what is hot in the streamer world. Stop in and talk to Dewey or Braden about their recent experiences fishing streamers.

Hopper and Ant Report

Hoppers have been going towards the larger size while most are tossing the smaller versions. But never look past the big fly! Blooms Ant, Stenerson’s CFO, Bloom’s Stealth Ant, Parachute Ant, baby Chubby’s, Delaktable Cinnamon Chubby, Purple Chubby always rocks. We have all flavors and sizes of the still popular Morrish Hoppers. Need something foamy for the Mo or any of the smaller creeks you may be heading out to fish? Stop in and stock up on the goods.

Nymphing Report

Dam is coming on strong. Canyon is the most popular for those who love to keep it bent on the junior trout. The dammers like those fatties! Row arounds and such every morning and some stay for the entire day. Or do a double float

Green Weenie, Zebra, Pheasant Tail Slim, Ninch’s Thunder Bug, Rainbow Warrior, Pink Soft HAckle, some Firebead, Tailwater Sow, S & M, Two Bit Hooker Dk Olive, Magic Fly in Rusty, Rusty Zebra, Purple Zebra, Sparkle Wing RS2.

How are the anglers feeling?

The mood of the angler is pretty good. Save for those fella’s whose feet are anchored to the bottom. Those who are roaming around and searching are finding the best success. Wade anglers are up near the dam for the nymphing pursuits

Boat Rentals @ Headhunters Fly Shop

Adipose “Flow” Boat Rentals at the shop daily. We put it in, take it out, and shuttle your vehicle while you are on the water. $150/day. Want us to have your ice chest pre-cooled in the boat for you? We got it. Let us know how we can help you enjoy your Missouri River experience to the fullest.

Some anglers get a guide for a day or two then head out on their own in a rental boat for the next couple days. A smart angler gets a guide first to learn about the intricacies of the Mighty Mo.

Boat Rentals Daily! Hopper fishing is pretty good. Ant fishing pretty good. All better from a  drift boat.


More and more folks every day starting to think about the 2 Handed Rod. Trout Spey Season is around the corner and some cannot wait until that is the daily focus. For most, the Trico fishing and nymph bite is enough to satisfy their trout tugging urges…for the Spey Set the fall cannot come too soon.

The summer is a just a time on the river with too many anglers, floaters, and weeds for the spey gang. Bring on the fall, the off season, and spring for Missouri River Trout Spey Madness!

We have all of the hip and hot spey gear in the shop with more on the way this fall! Just in time for the official kick-ff of Spey Season. But we have several weeks until we get totally ramped up. OPST lines came in the other day and we are pretty much stocked for now. They go fast as do the tips and such.

Want to special order a Trout Spey Rod for Spey Season? Come in speak with our staff for information, demos, ideas, and suggestions.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open daily 6am til 9pm. Early and late. Get on board early with Headhunters and a free cup of Joe. Start the day out right. Shuttles, guides, the best in lodging options, the only SIMMS dealer on the river, sun protection, a massive selection of flies, more fly lines to set you up right, and a ton of Headhunters Logo’s items for your pares fishing pleasures.

We’ll see you in Craig this fall!

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