Missouri River Mid Summer Fact Sheet

Missouri River Mid Summer Fact Sheet

The flows are coming down per the blog and the USBR as scheduled. Should be int he mid 4K’s Monday.

The flows are good for all including the wade fishers and the boat anglers. The flows are currently holding at 5290cfs and the water temps are 61F. Not bad for the middle of July. The weeds have not become a problem. Not at all.

The bugs are good and the hatches are consistent. PMD’s, caddis, Sally’s, and Trico’s are here and available for our hungry trout.

Lots of boats on the upper and not as many on the lower. Spread out is good for all.

The days are getting shorter and the night time fishing is decent. Get out if you wish. We got your back and will do late shuttles.

Guided trips are avail in the late month if you need a late July fix. August will be kick ass per the current wage temps and the late season higher flows. Every cooler day we have here in July adds a day of good fishing in August.

September is booking and October is filling too. Get your plans together and get on out here this fall for one of the nicer times of the year. We love October.

Need more info? Call the shop anytime for lodging, fishing, and bug hatch confirmation. We love to chat about trout fishing the Mo!


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