Wednesday 4.24.19 Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana 4.24.19 Fishing Report

Wednesday 4.24.19 Fishing Report

The tributaries are falling and the river proper is rising. Makes no sense.

Welcome to Montana. It may change soon. But here on this report we only give you info about things that have already happened. That is what a fishing report is. A report of info that has been gathered about the past.

Fishing is spotty. Not spotty the secret code for good spotty either.

Up top is your most consistent bite. As you fall downriver it becomes more difficult. You know, spotty. The river clarity is not too bad below the Dearborn. Fished it yesterday with some success. Used the net here and there. Not everywhere.

Sows still rule the day. Find you sow combo and run it. Deeper than you once were but not too much beyond 7′ if you like to roll with a “BB” splitty. A “B” may require more length. Worms, Rubberlegs, Scuds, Jigs, make a good upper fly choice. Lower? Sows. Or upper too.

Streamer fishing not too good. Some reports of some decent action, but then many say it is short lived. Spotty. Deeper tips have been the key. If the fish do not see the fly, they cannot chase it.

Heading into the final week of the Spring Special. Then May comes.

May will bring the BWO fly. No sign yet of the famous Mo River Spring Hatch. Still waiting. Water temps are appropriate fo r the emergence. Water levels not too good for the dry fly angler though. Unless you bring a really tall ladder.

Water levels will fall. Fish will rise. Bugs will come. Anglers will smile. May is around the corner!

Come on by for a morning cup of coffee, the best in Mo River flies, info, and shuttles.

Open daily 8-7 near the banks of the Missouri River.

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