Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.23.14

Great reports from all anglers. Anglers are out on a daily basis too. Many nimpers, some swingers, and an occasional dry fly Nazi’s.

Cabins all full for the week, yet open for the weekend. Yep, fully booked here in this month of January. Our local winter discounted lodging is rocking. Why not. Stay at Joe’s way past your bedtime and waltz home 100yards to your cozy Craig cabin.

The weekend is open…you in?

Nice weather coming, on the horizon. Today sun. Tomorrow sun. Saturday sun with hi’s near 50F. Huh! Yes, it is time to wet a line in the new year. If you are so inclined.


Nymphing has been the most common technique employed by Missouri River Anglers this winter. Per usual.

Flies that leave the best stocked fly bins in Montana include…

  1. Amex Czech
  2. Rainbow Czech
  3. Firebead Ray Grey
  4. Pink Lightening Bug
  5. Flashy Red Midge
  6. Zebra’s
  7. Sotback Scuds
  8. Quigley’s Midge Pupa
  9. Bloom’s Tunghead Rainbow Weight Fly

Headhunters Fly Shop streamer selection is ever growing. We have well over 100 streamer patterns and this spring we will grow the streamer space even more. Improving our Missouri River kick ass fly bins is a never ending pursuit in excellence for fHH Fly Guru Ninch!

Flies that the streamer gang are all hopped up on include…

  1. Mohair Leech
  2. Lightening Bugger Purple
  3. R2R’s
  4. Jawbreaker White and Olive
  5. Skiddish Smolt Brown…a HH exclusive.
  6. Clousers of all flavors
  7. White Sculpzilla
  8. Orange Blossom
  9. Black Jig Headed Buggers
  10. Nightmare Red Bugger
  11. EP Minnows

If you find a couple roaming rising boiling and random behaviored trout you could toss…

  1. Cluster Midge
  2. Buzzball
  3. CDC Hanging Midge
  4. Quig’s Midge Cluster
  5. Snowshoe Midge
  6. Stu Dominick’s Infamous Purple Reneball
  7. CDC Cluster
  8. Twice Poster Midge

Lots of traffic today so far. Great feel to the spring, late winter, wait…winter. Still winter. These glimpses of the sun go a long way in shortening and improving our winter psyche here in the shop.

A phone in each ear keeps you warm…fer sure.

Flows are holding at the 3K winter range and water temps are in the 34F+ area. Not much movement on either of those figures. Standard.




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