Tuesday Missouri River Fishing Report

Tuesday Missouri River Fishing Report

Tuesday Missouri River Fishing Report

The river is active out there as we are headlong into this popular September month. Nymphers love to visit in September as the fish get off of the August slow down. Although this last August was as good as we could hope for with much better fishing than the previous several.

Water temps continue to be really good in the lower 60’s and will continue to move downward as this month transpires.

Tuesday Missouri River Fishing Report

Flows are below the historic value but higher than we have seen for the last several years. With this recent rain we may see a slight improvement, or not. Once in a while we do see a correction, but do not hold your breath. A bit higher eater would not hurt anything.


Nymphing continues to be quite good. Not a 10. How about an 8? And as you all know that days can come in at a 5. But it is all perception. I believe that the experience is most of the reason we fish. Having said that the nymphing is good.

Worms, crawfish, rubber legs or weight flies for the top bug are common. Some are running the double small mayfly rigs too. The bottom bug is most frequently some sort of mayfly representing the tiny BWO. There are a toni of them out there and I can honestly say that most are fantastic. You catch them on what you are tossing. Smaller, minuscule slender bodies patterns in olive are pretty hot right now.

Dry Fly-ers

Some Trico’s around still and you may find a fish or two sipping the spinner on the surface. Not a bunch, but enoung to get some casts off on them. In the afternoon the BOW hatch can be epic. Didi find some pods of rising trout yesterday. Here and there. The baby BWO can be a real bitch to get to eat. Smaller patterns can work. Larger patterns can work. An Adams can work. Cripples and CDC based flies are a good idea as well. Come in and chat with our knowledgeable fishy staff for ideas, discussion, and emotional support when those finicky baetis trout will not cooperate.

Bugger Chuckers

Seeing more and more fellers tossing the streamer. Not with much success according to the long faces as they stumble into the shop. Why? I don’t know. I have not tried in a couple weeks. But do here moments of brilliance. I do see more and more fellers throwing the Trout Spey rod. IT is coming to that time of year. If you need anything on that front including education, demo rods, line advice, tips, flies and rigging techniques our top shelf staff int he store can point you in the right direction for sure. Dewey, Ben, Sara, and John are on top of this topic.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open daily with an outstanding fly selection, shuttles, guides, sale racks, demo rods on sale, and free perked coffee on the porch every morning. Stop in and say hello on your way to the river.

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  • Mark,

    Great information. I will be making the fall trip at the end of September to Frank’s in the canyon. We stay for the week and the fall weather is always changing. I am slow to change (that’s what my wife told me) and I stick with what worked yesterday.

    In a future Blog, can you write about the change of weather on the fishing. Like what the fish are thinking and doing when the weather changes from sunny and 68°F to cold, overcast, and 50°F. Does the outside temp really affect the fish or is the water temperature the most important?

    Thanks for all the great stories and up to date information. As I sit behind my computer, day dreaming about fishing the Missouri, I can always bring up your web site for a bit of inspiration. 22 days to go. Get me out of here!

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