Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.10.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.10.14

Getting mighty fishy my fishy friends. It is heating up and the fishing is getting a little bit better everyday.

Matt and Oliver fishing with Mark caught this killer double above from this last week. Nice fella’s!

Want to rip some lips and deep nymph all day long stacking ’em up? You can.

How about short and easy? Yes to that magic as well.

No bobber for you? DFO? Yes of course. The Missouri will provide the love.

Don’t like any of that action and love to chuck and duck all day till your arm says no more…yet you still have two miles to go? You dig that kinda fishing? Answer? Yes.

Anything you like to do we got it here in central Montana. Per above the fishing is really coming on strong and will continue to get better. The out of area guides are all here too. Most of the working guides in Montana are here including us here at Headhunters. Guides out daily. We have some killer Adipose rental boats for your pleasure too. Full service fly shop? Oh yeah. How about lodging for the remainder of the month or even into November? www.CraigLodging.com


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.10.14

The entire river is fishing well from Holter Dam to Cascade and every run and stretch in between. Choose your reach and enjoy. Not as many folks around this mid week but we should expect some more fishermen around this weekend. Unless they all decide to hunt, watch football, or clean the dreaded garage. Call the shop for the up to the minute fishing report from one of our super fishy staff.

Nymphers Unite

Killer flies that will get you through the weekend include for those who like the nymph include Little Green Machine, Angel Hair PT, JuJu BWO, Juju Brown version, Hot Belly PT, Two Bit Hooker, Magic Fly BWO, Glass Beaded RS@ PT, Zebra, Newmans Own, Rainbow Czech, tan UV Czech, FB’s, Tailwater Sows, Ninch’s Lucent Bead Sow, Ray Charles, Indigo Child, Red HEaded Step Child, CDC Beaded Bubble Backs, Micro Mays, CDC Emergers, and your fav’s too.


For those dry fly enthusiasts you will like Adams, Purple Haze, Purple Craze, Purple Phase, CDC Emergers, Harrops Cripples..all of them, CDC Bubble Backs and Loop Wings, small Adams, BWO PArachute, SPlit Wing BWO’s, and your fav’s.

Headhunters is your Streamer HQ

Streamer fellers will like R2R’s, Yellow Yummy’s White and Black Urchins, Black and Olive Buggers, Skiddish in all flavors, Superflash Zonkers, Kreelex, Leeches, and may more.Headhunters has over 125 bins stuffed full of Streaemer Flies for the Missouri River and beyond. We have the Galloup stuff for those who like to stock their fly boxes as many other shops run out of the killer articulate patterns. Not us. We are fully stocked and ready for you the angler. The best streamer selection on the Missouri River hands down. Come and check it out.

We are known for our vast selection of fly lines and for you streamer addicts we have all of the right gear. Lines from RIO like the Outbound Short and Streamer Tips and density’s that many do not carry. We got ’em all! Versi Leaders for those wanting to tweak the rig even further. The sinking attached leaders in many differing sink rates and lengths.

You need demo rods for the two handed set? We have them ready to go for the fall and winter. Lines too. Your streamer and two handed destination fly shop in Craig is Headhunters. Let us know how we can help. Coming on November 1st we are introducing our Two Handed Spey Guided Trips for $300. More on this later.

Flows and Water Temps

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Water temps continue to fall and the river has dipped in its level as well. We are loving this cooler temperature as the fish are at their peak of activeness and fighting well. Jumping too. Bottom line is that they are comfortable at this temp like we are as humans at 68F. So come out and enjoy.

The flows have dipped this last week and check out the link on the right to the USGS site for current conditions. Good wading and good rising fish level for the remainder of the month.

Headhunters Fly Shop is open daily at 7am for all your Missouri River fishing needs. Ldging, guiding, gear, flies, info, and free coffee daily here in Craig. See you soon on your favorite dry fly flat!


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.10.14
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