Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.19.15

Fall weather arrived yesterday and more today. Overcast skies, Pseudo’s but not a really big true BWO hatch yet.

Are they coming? Yes. Today? Maybe.

All reaches of the river are fishing well. Anglers spread from the top to the bottom with happy faces appearing nightly. Izaak’s is closed for the season so your dinner choices include the Oasis and the Frenchman. Taco shack is open daily as well for breakfast. Shop open daily with free coffee at 7am and late til 8pm for your late afternoon BWO shuttles.

Pseudo’s hatch daily about 1pm and become stronger as the day progresses. Get out your small bugs and toss them at those finicky fish. Some days they eat well and others we find them quite difficult. Cripples and smaller flies are the key. Try Split Flags, Film Critic’s, Nymen’s, Smoke Jumers, RS2’s, Mercury Flashback PT’s, Grey glass beaded PT’s too.

Things we have seen this week that have worked include the dry-dropper rig with a tiny PT off the end. Or an emerger of some sort. Tiny. Dry-Dropper rig in the am until the sun gets too high is a good bet as well. Blind fish it with confidence and let’er ride!

The streamer bite has been so-so. Some days better than others and the overcast skies help here too. The common flies are always in play. R2R, leeches, Skiddish in traditional or brown, Flesh Eating Sculpins, Olive Black or Brown Buggers, and any of that articulated stuff that streamer junkies so love. Fish it to the bank or around and off of those common Missouri River center river bars. Intermediate tips are in favor with the dry line OK as well. Fish it deep in the center with a Type 6 if you want to fish to fish that do not get touched.

Nymphing? Good. Deep or shallow let them soak. All the regular fall flies apply. Scuds, Sows, Caddis Pupa’s, Weight flies, larger PT’s, and October Caddis can get it done.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.19.15

The weather for the next few days looks promising. Do your fall weather dance and bring us some dark skies with a side of rain please!

Flows are low @ 3280cfrs and you will see that when you are here fishing. Some bank lines are skinny. But those Mo River fish like that environment so keep that in mind.

All the new fall gear is in stock including warm clothing from SIMMS, rods from SAGE including the PULSE and the MOD along with the two handed Trout Spey Rods, warm hats, gloves, and the best in flies.

Lodging available for the latter part of the month for your late season Missouri River trip. Call today and get in for this wonderful time of year.

And don’t forget that fall weather dance. Do it!

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  • I got off your e-mail list with my change in address. – please put my address back in your system. I’ve always enjoyed your newletters.

    Mark -you told me to contact you this fall concerning the Headhunters possibly providing us a raffle item for our January 16th banquet. A couple of years ago, you provided us with a one or two day float for two. Would help us if you could do something like this again.

    Look forward to seeing you next April. You and your guides do a wonderful job getting us back into a fishing frenzy.

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful year.

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