Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.12.13

All is well on Montana’s Missouri River. Quiet too.

The holiday weekend has passed us by and we will move into relatively soft pressure until March, mid March sometime.

We love it as the pace slows to the winter crawl. The town, the bar, the river. The shop stays busy with booking questions about lodging, guiding, what time to come, etc.

Montana Fishing Report | Missouri River

The fishing is by no means slow. You may not be able to throw a dry at rising fish daily, but we feel that 9 months of the year you have a pretty good chance of bumping into rising trout on the Missouri River schedule.

Streamer fishing for the next couple months will keep most busy. The 2 Handed gang is out practicing, swinging, and catching a few trout. Whether you be one or two handed Headhunters is the place for information, casting lessons, flies, a variety of poly leaders in sinking and floating versions. We have the best streamer selection on the river…and it’s gonna get better according to Ninch, our fly guru.

We have a few things, ideas, projects in the works this winter. We are striving to improve to serve you the Missouri  River angler better.

Nymphers are getting it done on the Firebead stuff. Zebra’s, Pink LB’s, Amex Czechs, Rainbow Czech’sSili Scuds, Rainy’s Scuds, Choi’s Spicy Scuds, Newman’s Own, Rojo Midges, Don King, WD-40’s…use split, or not. Stop by for the winter angling tips and a fresh cup of coffee.

Sunny today with highs in the upper 50’s and light and variable winds. Yesterday, Monday was pretty nice too. A bit on the cool side with air temps struggling to get its head above 40F. The rest of the week ahead?

Some rain and some sleet and some snow. Some trout rising too.


Headhunters Fly Shop open daily from 8am til 6pm. Call for an up to date, up to the minute wind, weather, fishing report. Your 2 Handed Demo Center on Montana’s Missouri River.

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