Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.12.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.12.15

If you love to nymph fish, November is your time. And if you love to fish near no-one, November is your Huckleberry.

Some fishing deep, some fishing medium depth, and most in the afternoons fishing in the skinny.

Sows and Scuds Missouri River Style
Sows and Scuds Missouri River Style

Sows and Scuds have been the keys to the nymph anglers success. If you must you can certainly toss a BWO pattern as well. The time for lots of fun fishing flies finding an opportunity to grace the terminal end of your line is coming to an end. Soon, you will be joining the Pink Parade.

Until then you can get by on Sows and Scuds. Rainbow Czechs, Tailwater Sows, Ray Charles, Rainbow Warriors, Two Tone Scuds, PLB’s, Barbie Nymphs.

The streamer fishers are getting along just fine. Not great number but some bigger rainbow to hand. The upper river is full of oversized piggy bows. Go try it. Full of ’em.

Not much for the dry fly bite again this week. A few BWO’s on the surface in the normal afternoon time period. You can get a few of the surface if you plan for your dry fly afternoon. Some successes for those on the search.

Stay true to the course if you wish to go this route. Stay true. There are not a ton of folks around so the opportunities that exist you can capitalize on.

The water flows are still lower than we like. But we do not have much control over that facet of the Mo. Or any of it for that matter. Flows are 3110cfs. Pretty dam low.

The entire river is fishing well. Top to bottom. Choose your reach and enjoy.

The wind has been bothering us a few days a week. But for the most part the November weather is acting more like fall than either September or October. It is the new fall. The month of November.

A long time Headhunters group has been out fishing this week. Year #8 for these boys from both costs. Why do they come in November? Good to great fishing with not many other boats around. They loike to have the place to themselves. We do too. A nice time of year for sure.

Days just move by at a slower pace. A nice pace. No rush to get on the water early. Wait till 10, 11, 12 or 1pm. Your choice. Fish til dusk. Perfect.

Water temps declining more rapidly than the previous week. We are currently at 48F. A degree every couple days.

Missouri River temps falling ...
Missouri River temps falling …

Will the baetis come? Boy I don’t know. They have not come in big numbers. Have been out a few days where the fishing was very good on top. Daily? No. This coming week? Maybe.

Looks like sun and wind for the weekend. Our two favorites. Will the fish care? No, they are all wet anyway.

We are in full swing mode here on the Mo. Lots of anglers stopping by and either lining up a 2 handed rod with our full compliment of RIO and OPST trout spey lines. We have  full bevy of DEMO Rods as well. Stop by and try one this weekend.

Trout Spey clinics the first Saturday of every month beginning in December. Guided fishing trips all winter long @ $400. Get a full day with your spey rod with a 2 handed guide trip. Why not. Tie it in with one of our free trout spey clinics. How about a night at the Craig Trout Camp to bring it all together.

Fly shop open daily 8am for all your winter trout fishing needs. Shuttles, flies, lines, rods, coffee, and the best in Mo River info.



Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.12.15
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