Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 2.7.15

Cliff above on the water with long time friend and HH Guide Mark this last week. Today Peter is on the water with a a couple guests. This warm weather gets some folks in the guide boat and why not.

The weather continues to be the story.

Warm and quite windy on Friday and leading into today.

Today? Warm and windy, with some rain, maybe. If you are coming, call first if you are concerned about the weather.

Fishing? Good. Bring your big rod for the wind, or stiff, or what works best in sometimes difficult conditions.

Most are nymphing and finding success in soft inside bend type water. Split shot, bobber, and winter techniques will get you through the day.

Nymphs that rule: Pink LB, Ray Charles, FB Ray, FB Scud, FB Caviar, Depth Finder Worms, Purple LB’s, Little Green Machines, Zebra’s, red midges.

Some are tossing the streamer and stripping it. Try your luck with the big rod and see if some follow it? You gotta throw to know.

Streamers that are getting bit: Clousers have been all the rage. Black and blue buggers, olive buggers, Space Invaders, Skips’ Minnow, Skiddish, and the like. Brown Skiddish is on the way back along with the Kreelex.

Check out the Just Add Vise tying kits at the store for some of our favorite winter patterns. A perfect kit for tying 20+ flies with pattern and video included.

Missouri River Fishing Report

Water temps are creeping a bit higher during the warm spell. But with ice still on the lake, we won’t wee much improvement past the 36F mark. Water flows are @ the 4750cfs level. Normal.

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Hey Mister, got some info over here.


Midges on the water too. But don’t get your hopes up yet…sometimes they fake us out.



Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 2.6.15, Warm, winter
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