Winter is around the corner

Monday Morning, 12F, Winter.

Monday Morning, 12F, Winter.

Monday and winter seems to have arrived.

Looks like it will be colder tomorrow as well.

Things, fishing included, have slowed. Today, stopped.

The fishing has been good. A few rising in the pm. Nymphers are wrecking them in shallow waters. Swingers are hooked up as well. Strippers? Good action.

Today? Stopped. Snowing currently and blowing from the north at 14 in Cascade. On the river? Damn cold. Too cold to fish man.

So, if you are gonna head out this week, or anytime when the air temps make it nearly impossible to wet a line, call first to the shop. Not only for current conditions, but also to see if we are even here in Craig!!

We have the option to not be at the shop when the conditions make it difficult for travel! Safety first man. Always.

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Below Freezing, COLD, winter
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  • wayne e clayton
    November 8, 2022 6:14 am

    Think snow and better water next year

  • Back from 4K mile road trip weeks 2 and 3+ October wade fishing the Mo and Madison and bailed before the storm. Quite a weather shift here – sunny 60’s and no wind are likely long gone. Just phenomenal water, fast action and beauty. Words can’t describe these rivers. From late afternoon Pseudo’s – started about 5 PM (even mid day if you hunt hard enough) – talking pods of fish here picking off emergers, cripples, tiny SH’s. Smallish slim profile streamer action was darn good from quicker water to skinny, near shore water adjacent to even subtle shore breaks all held fish. Near-bank cuts a few feet from shore before the drop – oh my! Froggy water that transitioned to some current was real money. And nymphing to swung SH’s early afternoon – what a blast! Tough, stout clean fish. Loved that low water – mega new structure visible if you like reading water as part of your tool box. Just put the stick down to observe these rivers – that should be enough for ya. Silence and the smell of the rivers – it’s good for your soul. Bald Eagles hunting, mink, beavers, hawks, mulies, Kingfishers buzzing around….if you’re only dialed to fish, then you’re missing out. Live smart and strong daily.

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