Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.8.14

Awful nice out this March. We seem to be free of the below zero stuff. Thankfully.

Today and tomorrow are just perfect. Perfect for  us as we see warmer temps, in the hi 40’s and low 50’s.

The fish are happy. Saw fish smacking the surface the last couple days. Not feeding, not sipping, just playing. I think. Some midges are making an appearance, but not enough to blow any skirts up get the fish looking.

Nymphing is of course the primary method to catch fish as the water temps are still cool. Pink Amex, Pink Czech, Pink Lightening Bug, Rainbow Czech, Rainbow FB Weight Fly, Pink Sow, Pink Ray Charles…or something else if you wish. Your choice completely.

The fish, the nymph fish, seem to be not only in the soft and slow but in some medium speed water as well. Find your Valhalla and stay there. Somewhere in-between?

Dries? Maybe,we are on the brink.

Streamer anglers? Yellow, big, and/or black. At least the past couple days have gone that route. Today? Start with your favorite and work that angle.  Swinging a few and stripping a few.


Fly lines and fishing licenses the two most popular items this week. We are the Missouri River Superstore when it comes to fly lines. RIO, Airflo, Cortland, Orvis…money back guarantee when you buy any fly line from Headhunters Fly Shop You don’t like it? Return it. Swap to another fly line or take the cold hard cash. No fear fly line buying @ Headhunters!

We also carry lines for Spey Rods and a few lake lines too. Try before you buy with most Spey lines and al of our single handed lines. We got ’em spooled up and ready to try. Take 3 fly lines out, try on your rod, find the one you like and poof! Proper line for you rod!

Guide Trips out daily now as we move into the middle of the month. Then it is on. Just waiting for more Midge action. It’ll come.

Will you?


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