Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.29.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.29.15

Pretty much rules this late part of the month. The fishing part. Pretty much rules.

Does it get better? Oh yeah. Much better. I think this time of year it gets a touch better every day until the epic Jul5th. Then it gets worse every day, meaning harder, until October. Then better for about 6 weeks. Then it’s winter and we get the two handed sticks out again.

Back to today’s fishing report.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.29.15

You can get the trout to bite your fly with many differing techniques as I mentioned in the last fishing report. I put up a picture of a …No I believe I mentioned several various ways to achieve angling success.

Dry-Dropper can get them in the am and when the bugs are going nuclear. Droppers of choice this week include the TwoBit Hooker, Pearl LB, Tungsten PT, Frenchie, LGM, Zebra, S & M, Disco Midge, RS2…

Dry fly fishing is good when you get in ’em. Find them in the normal Mo rising fish spots. Some rising in A-Typical locales as well. Smaller BWO dries with the emerger paying a role too. Spinner? Never go out on the Missouri River w/o the right type of cripple fly.

Q: What is the right type of cripple for fishing the Mo?

A: The one you can see.

Here at Headhunters we have posts of many colors and shades. Flies we have tied specifically for you the customer. Ninch, AKA 7wt., is perpetually scheming on how to get the best flies in our customers hands, rods, attached to the tippet and consequently to the trout. A dark post can certainly spice up your Baetis afternoon. Don’t go without!

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.29.15
Dropper flies for the Missouri River.

Nymphing is very good. We can still bump into slower periods or the morning will fish better than the afternoon…but that is just fishing. Be prepared to change you game if you need to, Follow the bugs throughout the water column. If they move, you betta move as well or face the bobber going quiet. Nobody likes a Silent Bob(ber).

Deep nymph rigs are still getting the job done most of the time. Go short when needed. Find fish any place you like at this point. The water temps are conducive to riffles, runs, drops, pools, eddy’s all fishing well. Find you lane and follow it down the lazy river.

Streamer fishing? Decent enough. Not as many playing that game as the dry fly and nymph anglers.

Awful nice this week with the weather as the daytime highs are in the 60’s all week long. Wind should be a player too. How about you. Are you a player?

See us at the shop daily 7am til 8pm. Open later than anyone on the Mo for all of your late night fly fishing needs here on Montana’s Missouri River. Shuttles late too. Thanks for making us your goto Missouri River info, education, customer service, and entertainment fly shop here in Craig.



April Fishing, Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.29.15
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