Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.3.14

Yesterday brought sleet, snow, rain, wind, sun, overcast, calm.

Today? Who knows. Probably more of the same.

Our Spring Special is picking g up speed and several guides out daily.

You cashing in on the $300 Special?

Bugger Chuckers

The streamer guys are getting happy. Are they crushing them? Sorta. Not setting catch rate records but the action is good enough to keep them in high spirits for the Lion’s share of the day.

Brown, sparkly, jiggly. You know. The good action. We’ve got some cool patterns that we know you haven’t seen. We’ll get you up to speed on the hottest patterns of the week.

Bobber Fare

Nymphers? Hot and cold. Some coming back with good reports, others not. The fish seem to be wandering according to the reports. Will they wander into your pink pattern? Let’s hope so.

Look for not so fast currents and seek the bottom. Split shot is the way to nimping nirvana.

And if the bobber hiccups a millimeter…hit it hard. You are trying to catch them right? Just sayin’.

PINK, WORMS, PT’s, and all of the derivations you can choke on. Just remember to not forget the ball bearings. Pinch them on your line and watch it descend. Rapidly I hope. The key to getting more fish on nymphs is to get the bait in front of the target species and keep it there a long time.

Keep in mind that as the water is deeper and may be continues to get deeper that does not always mean you want to lengthen your leader. The upper region of the water column can hold fish too. As the midges move to and fro…they can be staged in the upper third. Watch and learn while parked. Understand your surrounding and capitalize. That’s what predators do…

Had a client once ask “Did he eat one of the flies or this ball bearing.”

Dry Fly Fans

Not much to cheer about. Mother Mo is holding back. A blanket hatch a couple days ago in spots. Will it happen again? Maybe this weekend!

The BWO’s are moving subsurface so the annual spring appearance is bound to come in April. It historically does…

Weekend Weather

Better. Can’t be any worse than the last couple weeks. Maybe the weather conditions will hold for more than 2 hours at a whack. Variable has been the theme. The old adage is relevant even today…“If you don’t like the weather now, wait 5 minutes and it will change.”



We are nearly finished with our 2014 remodel. We think it looks great. Stop in and see the positive changes. We’ll pour you a cup of coffee, stay a while.

Lodging for the weekend is going away. Call today for a spot in the sun. Shop open daily from 8am and open late tip fish. Later is needed.

Big to-do Sunday April 6th here in Craig withe Orvis Guide Rendezvous Craig Style and killer BBQ from Izaak’s beginning at 3pm. Casting contest open to all with a Orvis Helios 2 and a reel and a line on the blocks for the top 3 finishers.

Izaak’s OPEN for business tonight. 7 nights/week @ 4pm. Serving tip 10 for you late night anglers. Bar open at 3pm. Welcome back to Izaak’s. I know we are all smiles here at the shop as Chef Winders opens the doors for the 2014 season. Welcome back Izaak’s!




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