Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.5.14

Yes pretty damn good. We add the sun divide the breeze multiply the fun and come up w/ the quotient this week as we have been in dire need of it for months.

The sun.

So fishing is a 7 with 1 point awarded for the comfort of air temperature.

The weekend weather is great. We look forward to fishing without gloves, snow toques, boat heaters and whiskey.

Just weak black coffee and a handful of streamers.

Streamer Fishing Report

Streamer fishing? Better than a stick in the eye. Great? Not really.

Some days are better than others. Again today reports across the spectrum. Some days are better than others.

Leeches of all flavors. Black, purple, red, olive and aural grey. They seem to be attracting the right kind of followers. Also this streamer pattern made for the Missouri River which the name has escaped me but it works. It is an articulated Sparkle Minnow. A double hooked R2R. Come in and see it. It is just killer.

Home Invaders, R2R’s, Coffey Sparkle Minnow in Smoke colors, Black Buggers, Micro Zonkers, full sized Zonkers in white or natural, Egg Suckers in purple or black, Skiddish in brown or olive, Shiela, Space Invaders, Kreelex…


Did not see may. But a few. A few, not more. More bugs Thursday and even more Friday. Today? Maybe they will rise.

Nymphers Dee-Light

Getting it done. PINK, Worms, a bundle of differing FB’s, PINK, Zebra’s, Exploding Midge, Newman’s Own, Don Ming, Dominick’s Dam Midge, Red Flasher, Stupor Sparkler…

Missouri River Weekend Weather


Better huh? Sun. Let’s hope it continues for 7 months.

Water Levels and Temps

In the mid 6K range. Temps are moving upwards and the sun penetration will help move the mercury higher. Can you say 40F soon? I can hear you brother and I applaud your exclamation!]

How about 42F for Skwala’s and BWO’s. Soon.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service

Party time tomorrow Sunday the 6th. Fun in the sun with a BBQ hosted by Orvis and Izaak’s. See you around 4pm for Craig MT April fun. You might like it.

See you daily @ 8am. We got your slot for the $300 Guide Trips. Headhunters is your lodging connection too. Why not book both at the same time? Seems reasonable.

Spring is here and the dry fly bite will start soon. Do a simple dry fly jig in your living room. If you are embarrassed, do it in your garage. We’ll take either and we appreciate your dancing even if your wife does not.


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