Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.13.14

The sun came out. Yes, I said it. The sun came out today. How about today?

Will it come today?. The weatherman says it will.

Just no more snow please for us here in central Montana. We have enough. Honest.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

The fishing is good and getting better. Some aspects are. Did we mention the weather is improving?

Nearly every guide in Montana is here, not all of them, but soon the remainder will be here as the water all over the state is rising. We love it here and welcome all who attend. We can help the out of area guide, the out of area angler, all of them. We got the goods here at Headhunters and are anticipating your visit.

For those of you who planned on coming to the Missouri or are coming soon we will give you just the facts today on the nearly daily Headhunters Fishing Report.

  • The water is higher than the historical average, 6K, at an even 9K.
  • Water temperature is 47F. A couple degrees below water year temps.
  • BWO’s are popular subsurface.
  • Sows too.
  • March Browns are out. And fish may or may not like them.
  • Tributaries clean and clear. Falling too.
  • Fishing well from top to bottom.
  • What will happen when the daily air temps rise?
  • Headhunters Guides out daily. Plan your summer trip today and sleep better tonight.
  • Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service open every morning at 7am for any of your Missouri River Trout Fishing needs. Flies, info, terminal tackle, GINK, Shake and Bake, Rot Gut watery coffee, new fly lines, demo rods, NRS IDB’s…



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