Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.20.14

Welcome to the Headhunters nearly daily fly fishing report for Montana’s Missouri River.

Flows still at 9K and water temps flirting with 50F.

The tribs are still relatively clear and viz below the Dearborn, 987 cfs, is about 2 1/2 feet. Not bad at all below the Little Prickly Pear @ 341 cfs until…keep checking the chart for updates. Until now no worries.

So the spread is still good with the upper packed nearly daily.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Dry flies are stronger on the lower with caddis popping along with a strong March Brown presence. Found them eating spinners Monday afternoon. Although on any given day the Baetis pop can happen and a few will be chomping them up. Big Adams, March Brown Spinner and Cripples, D &D’s, Nymens, Traditionally hackled MB’s, Sparkle Duns, Caddis Softies, Downwings…clusters and many more.

Nymphs that are ruling include all kinds of sows, scuds, Ray Charles, Czechs, Nitro Caddis, Beaded Translucent Pupa, Purple Translucents, Blooms Weight flies, all kinds of pupas…

Streamers? Back on tap. Sink tips and the like to get the bugs to the fish. Skiddish in all flavors, Dali Llama’s, R2R’s, Leeches, , Yummy’s, Zonkers…

Weather not bad with the temps moving out of the 60’s into the 70’s along with nighttime lows as high as they have been all spring long.

Bottom line? Good with moments of greatness. Sometimes not too good wither withe the bite having been variable in the last week. But, with moments of brilliance. Saturday great bite. Sunday not as good. Monday slow morning better afternoon.

Let us know if you are coming our way and we will help you find a place to rest after you meal at Izaak’s. Breakfast at the the Birger Stand or down the road in Wolf Creek. Guides available daily with shuttles, flies, rods, reels, cool clothing and the like daily at Headhunters opening 7am-8pm. Swing on in and fill your cup…

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