Missoiuri RIver Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.21.14

The water levels remain stable as the higher level snows have started to come off. Albeit just recently. Like yesterday.

So when will the river be in the 6K range? Not for a while is my guess. Late June?

Just throwing that out there. I hope it sticks. We got a lot of water to run through before we can even dream of those kind of flows.

Is the dry fly fishing good? No, not really. It is if you find a few. Those who are looking have had success. But you gotta look.

The fish are not all that educated at this point. My and those who I have spoken with this last week have echo’d the same story. Spot ’em you got ’em. But you gotta spot ’em first. Adams, clusters, May Browns, and even heard of a few taken on a caddis towards the lower river. Good evening action, well bugs, caddis on the lower as well.

We do know that the bigger browns are showing up in nets throughout the river. And some really big Rainbows too. A few fish on the tape this last week in the 24″ range. Honest. Peter Skidmore Headhunters All-Star and Lynn straight outta Tennessee with this pig in the photo.

Floaters, boats, and just plain drifters all over the river. If you want some peace and quiet the dam is the place. I have heard rumors of just one boat up there this week. And not just once.

So that is the story. Need some facts to get you through this humpday? We ll just keep reading.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Flows & Temp: 8690cfs, 49F.

Little Prickly Pear Flows: 327cfs and level. A touch of color. Gone around the corner.

Dearborn River Flows & Temp: 845cfs & 48F. Had a few float it. OK. Not great. Good scenic float, some fish. Call the shop for an update if you plan on going.

Hot Nymph: WORM? Sows, Scuds. Caddis down river. Micro Mays, Little Green Machines, BWO Bubblebacks, Hot Spot PT, Tung Death Metal, Tung PT, HAre’s Ears, Zebra’s, Newman’s Own, Don King’s, Amex, Choi’s Spicy Scud…

Hot Dries: Adams with various colored post for viz! Buzzball, Nymen’s, Purple Craze, Smoke Jumper, RS2. Bottom line? Something yo can see and they will eat it. Most of the time. PS, don’t drag it too many times!

Hot Streamer: Skiddish and his 2 cousins. FireEye Kreelex, white, flashy brown. Bright fly bright day? Try it.

Hot Float: The reach with the fewest boats.

Hot Tip on Clothing: All the kick ass sungear at Headhunters. Sun Gloves, BUFF, Freefly logo’d hoody’s, SIMMS Women’s hoody’s, SIMMS Mens hoody’s and crew necks, Freefly crew necks logo’d, 12wt. neck gaiters and sun shirts, FishPond logo’s and original art sunshirts, HH logo’d sunshirts, SIMMS Sungloves…and more. We have sunscreen too!

Headhunters Footwear: Flips, sandals, covered toe sandals, light and fleet of foot SIMMS Vapor Boots.

River Vehicle: Drift Boat. Flows pretty high for good wade fishing. While you can wade, it is not as efficient as the other method. Come or call in for tips and boat rentals.

Headhunters Fly Shop: Open daily @ 7am for all your river needs. Flies too. We have the best, most specific, and techy fly selection here in Craig. It really is good. Need a new fly line? We got those too. Line cleaner? The fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. Just sayin’ Trust me, I’m a guide.

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Bullshit Hotline for those who want to chat: 406-235-3447


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