Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.5.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.5.15

The river is coming up. Good news for the remainder of this just yet began summer. We will have plenty of water as it looks like we will fill the Canyon Ferry Reservoir.

Currently climbing at 94.6% filled. A scant 2.4% to go! Nice. Mother Nature and the USBR got it right. Thanks to both!

The weekend weather also looks good. Temps in the 70’s and possibly 80 Sunday. You in? You coming?

Would it make you happier if you thought you had a chance to cast to a few rising trout?

Cross your fingers and find your sipping trout on the Mo. It is June and that is good news.

Sunny days and happy trout as the water temps are in the wheelhouse for the June bugs.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.5.15
PMD’s like this temp!

A smattering of PMD’s. They will pop this weekend? Maybe. Lots of caddis showing and more in the lower reaches. Still some micro-mays around and the fish are not afraid to eat them up either. Spinners, crips, skitterers, spents, emergent individuals, and just plain old duns are creating a texture on the surface that drives DFO nuts just nuts.

Nymphers are happy with the game right now tossing all kinds of PMD Nymphs. The Trigger Nymph, Peep Show, Military May Brown, Tungsten Redemption are my favorites for sure. Caddis Pupa’s are getting some attention too. I like the Bloom’s Weight Fly in Gold, Silvey’s Pupa, Translucent Pupa with the bead in it.

PMD’s for the week ahead courtesy of Headhunters Fly SHop

But the real talk in Craig is about the upcoming PMD. And I could not agree more. Classic mayflies with trout sipping them make trout fishing dreams come true.

  • Dries (L to R):  Cripple Thor PMD, Trapped Dun PMD, Quigley’s Half Dun PMD, Silverman’s Stacker Cripple PMD, Quigley’s Film Critic PMD
  • Nymphs (L to R):  Tungsten Split Case PMD, BH Poxyback PMD, Trina’s Angelcase Emerger, Ross’s UV2 Glitter Nymph Rust, Doc’s PMD, Trigger Nymph PMD
What is your story? Caddis or PMD’s. Love both.
The Dearborn is falling albeit slowly. The mud has all but slid downstream and you should have no fear fishing below it. How about fishing the Dearborn this coming week? Call us for information in regards to the DB. We’ll tell you all we know.
See you soon in Craig. We will be hanging at the shop daily 7am til 8pm. Reels, fly lines, info, coffee, guides, the best in lodging, stuffed fly bins of dry flies, all of the popular nymphs, killer logo wear, and friendly smiling faces.



Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.5.15
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