Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.1.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.1.15

Smiling faces in downtown Craig this week.

Lots of regular late June and July anglers ont he river whether they be wade fishing, drifting, or fishing with a guide the feeling in Craig is familiar and enjoyable.

Does every fish eat your fly? No.

Will they rise daily? In some spots.

Are there bugs around including PMD’s, Trico’s, Sally’s, and Caddis? Yes indeed.

The key to your fishing July Experience is to choose your favorite stretch and have at ‘er.  Enjoy your familiar water and catch a few, miss a few, and even land a few. The rec floaters are here daily as well but most are plenty friendly. The best way to handle folks running over your fish is to smile and realize that most are not doing it on purpose. It is all about intent. Those folks and floaters do not understand what our plight is. And why would they. Fly Flickers are a strange bunch and not many non-anglers know how nuts we really are.

Our spouses do though.

Good fishing all month long. We love July and enjoy the opportunities to cast at rising trout.

The weeds bother some and not others. The floaters bother some and not others. Some like the upper river and others the mid or lower reaches. Some like ham and some like turkey. Some believe this daily update and others do not believe a word we say. Sometimes the fish rise and other times they do not.

All your choice. Haters gonna hate. A democratic society we live in and we must understand that some complain and others don’t.

We for one are not complaining about nothin’. It is summer and the fishing ain’t easy.

A big heads up if you can recognize the trout that will eat the dry fly and the ones that just will not. Sometimes changing flies will get it done, and other times the fish just will not eat the one with the hook in it.

4th of July Party in Craig. Rocket to Uranus plays at 8pm at Izaak’s Porch with craziness beginning about 4, 5, 6, 7pm?

Shop open at 6am for your river needs. Happy July.


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.1.15
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  • I work for the Milwaukee Brewers. I travel to Helena 2/3 times a summer to watch our rookie league players in Helena. I recently fished the MO in the middle of June. I am an avid fly fisher. I caught my share of fish on pmd’s in june. I did see a grizzly a couple of miles from the river near Wolf Creek. Should this be a concern for me if I am fishing solo?

  • Well said. Mark. Many folks enjoy the river. I was upset when the floaters with loud music put down the rising fish I was casting to but most floaters were polite large family groups. I will keep chasing the trout and hope they bite the fly with my hook in it.

  • Shaun thompson
    July 1, 2015 9:57 pm

    HAPPY JULY HEADHUNTERS ,WISH YOU THE BEST!!!!! Again really enjoy your blog on a daily basis,look forward to it everyday … THANKS

  • Wish I could be there for the party on the 4th! Alas, other previous obligations take precedence.
    Need another heat fueled summer time rant?
    How about a big thanks for consistently steering me in the right direction with the proper flies and TECHNIQUE?
    Or maybe a nod for the advice you have offered which has improved my skills 10 fold?
    A guy could even curse you for your daily, informative, and often entertaining blogs which become an addictive ‘must read’?
    Oh, and I realize all of the free events you put on must be an obvious capitalistic effort to drain us of money, even though you ask for none?
    And lastly, how can it be that the most friendly team I have ever run across in a flyshop, just hands over a spare tire to help a guy get an old boat back over the hill and home, no concerns, no fee, just absolute friendly trust and help?
    Thanks for all you do all the time. Glad the river is still cool, maybe some people should soak their heads in it?

  • Mark you’ve got more class in you little finger than most have in their whole body. I think some fellers just got their main spring wound a little to tight.

  • Mark Juranek
    July 2, 2015 9:40 am

    +1 (Mark T)

    Thanks HH for your daily dose, simply the best team, fantastic guides, superb shop, and your events are second to none. Drift Boat Drive-In last year, come on, one of the best nights of my 2014!

  • Mike Banville
    July 2, 2015 4:18 pm

    Mark, nothing gives you more street cred than being honest – that is all we want. Whether we release one or not, being on the water, taking it all in, is more than we, on earth, can ask for. You got a gin & tonic coming your way.

  • Thanks for the words of wisdom and to the reminder not to take this thing we call fly fishing so serious. I’ll be around the river beds for the next 8 days. Definitely stopping by the shop

  • Posts like this on river etiquette and John’s recent pieces on conservation are what makes Headhunters the the people’s choice in Craiglandia! Awesome stuff. True. Honest. Humane. See you on the river this week and keep up the good work!

  • Great post, thanks for the reminder of a PFA (positive fishing attitude). See you next week, coming in from Michigan.

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