Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.10.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.10.15

Weekend fun ahead.

I’ll try to stay on track with this fishing report as the last post was awesome. A weight lifted form my shoulders. Thanks. Love it.

Warm weather will greet you and some smoke in the airways. Highs in the lower 80’s and even dipping below at times.

Bugs all over the river or not. Depends on the day for the Trico’s, PMD’s and Caddis. Choose your reach and cross your fingers. The best is on the upper. Or the lower. The mid section has not been all that productive for either the nymph or the dry.

So go where you want. It’s all good brah.

Lots of anglers around as we move into the peak of the peak season. Wade anglers, boats, and this weekend some pleasure floaters too. Fridays have been the start of the pleasure floater weekend too. They get on it. Go early if you want some tuber solace.

PMD’s the last week not as good as the previous week. They are not done by any stretch though. We should have them around for another…?

Trico’s daily on the upper. And the lower. Not so much int he middle.

Weeds worsen as you head downstream. Until the rapids, then they magically shake out.

Downwinged caddis are all the rage. PMD spinners still get it done. Cripples are not a bad idea either. Trico spinners and the double winged versions are good. Trico duns can get it done and the CDC emerger is cool too.

Head out nymphing with weight flies, THead PT’s, worms, FB’s, Silvey’s Pupa’s, tiny beaded slender bodied nymphs, Zeeeb’s, Trigger nymphs, Frenchie’s, Micro-Mays, Tailwater Tiny’s, and a bunch of other techy tiny mayflies of your choice.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.10.15
Average for the month.

Should be a pretty sound weekend with a ton of folks here. Most of the July anglers make their annual pilgrimage to the Missouri River. Some m,ay even pop over the hill to the Blackfoot. You should. It is pretty nice over on the west side. Ask us for a trip over if you wish or integrate it into your annual July trip.

Night fishing can be good, and cann be bad. You have to go to know. Late shuttles and helping out the afternoon angler is one of our specialties. Ask our very fishy staff about their recent travles. they are out and fishing every moment they are not on the river, or at Joe’s…

Shop open damn early and open quite late. Have a rack of ribs at Izaak’s and a night cap over at Joe’s Bar. You deserve it.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.10.15
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  • Today, working in NYC. Meh.

    Tomorrow, sipping drinks at Isaaks and planning the headhunting onslaught… Missouri trout beware, I may not catch you but I WILL be stalking you!

  • Looking forward to starting an annual pilgrimidge to Craig to fish the BigMo with my wife Sara. Looks like just our kinda place and kinda folks. Thanks for the info Mark.

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