Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.15.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.15.15

Cooler weather as we get into Saturday and we like that kind of day(s). Cooler is better!

Coming this weekend? More ahead this month as we are keepin’ on keepin’ on.

Browns and Brews Beer Festival in Craig MT Saturday September 5thThe generally anemic Missouri River hopper bite is on…kind of. Meaning? This has never been the best hopper river in Montana and will never be. If you like to catch fish on big fluffy flies fish the Madison, the Yellowstone, any Missoula river, most of the SW Montana streams…but not always the Mo.

Why not? Hey, I don’t know. We don’t have the hoppers in the river like those aforementioned rivers,¬†although our trouts will eat a few. What one? Hey, I don’t know. Keep changing until you get a few to lean on it.

Some business up at the dam this last week. The dam show will continue through the month of August and bleed into September. Then the gang will spread out again. The rest of the river, save for the lower reach, are all but a ghost town.

Oh, it is quite nice. This weekend will bring out some splash and gigglers as the summer is winding down. Soon kids to school and the parents will attend classes not eh Mighty Mo. September is great month for nymphing. One of our best months, for nymphing.

The up top game is a small one. Once again, slender bodied may’s, Zebra’s, LGM, Cheesemen Emerger, Two Bit’s, S & M’s, Magic Fly’s…

Cray’s and sows the rest of the way. Try an October caddis subsurface for a good look too. Hare’s Ear’s, Big PT’s, Weight Fly, Grape Slushy, Pat’s, and so forth.

The small dry fly game? Yah, a few here and there. Not rock star stuff by any stretch.

Weeds. Yep.

Water flows at 3880cfs and the temps 64F morning and 67F afternoon.

It may be turning the corner? On any given day it may fish all the way through the day. But morning is the best shot. Fish the am and sleep the pm away. Or visit Joe’s Bar or Izaak’s.

Headhunters the only fly shop in Craig open at 6am. Come by for a morning fly chat, coffee, and your early shuttle.

We’ll be here with bells on.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.15.15
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  • Donnie McFadden
    August 16, 2015 12:22 pm

    Pineapple jalapeno margarita sounds pretty damn tempting. I might have to drive up just to have one
    with you. Fishing slow down here. Color bad in the Ruby and Beaverhead. No water in the Big Hole.
    Madison way overcrowded, Izaak’s sounds like the ticket!

  • HH,

    Dig the blog picture. Can’t wait until I am doing the same! Many year of memories hit me seeing that photo.
    Keep up the good work!

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