Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.26.14

The rain has stopped. At least for now. We always have some sort of weather event in and around Labor Day. Some say it is the Solstice Storm. But we are still plenty of days, weeks, away from that date.

Speaking of the Solstice, we have a party scheduled for September 21st with Howler Bros. Clothing Company. The Wrinkle Neck Mules will be playing in the early afternoon along with one of our legendary BBQ’s, another band TBD, Howler Bros. swag, contests, fun, probably some beer around, and you. We will be getting you the full details in the coming week so put it on your calendar for the 21st of September.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.26.14

Now back to the fishing report as scheduled. The rain has stopped. We received a bundle, buckets really, of rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sun on Monday and warmer temps as we move through this week approaching the Labor Day Weekend. Warm and green. Two things we like here in Craig Montana.


Warmer all week and the Trico’s have returned. Stronger today than yesterday and it will continue that way. Also the fall caddis have showed. Not the October Caddis, the cinnamon blondish caddis that we see in the latter parts of August and into the month of September. Carry that caddis box for another month. We know you have not needed it much since May but stay strong for another 6 weeks. Note: They have not gotten on it yet, but it will happen soon.

Callibaetis out and about too. Saw a few of them and fooled a few with the spinner and the cripple on Sunday. A player as we move through the next couple months too. I love the Callibaetis this time of year. A bigger fly that can make your day. The Harrop’s CDC Spinner, a Hi-Viz Spinner, Nymens Cripple, D & D Cripples...all good my fishy friends.

All reaches of the river fishing well. Weeds? Yep. As many as we can have? No. Problems? If you let it bother you. Do our trout make up for the inconvenience of the weeds? We think so. You can always fish another river without weeds and catch some non-weedy scrappers. Your choice.

The water temps fell with the rain event this weekend. Currently in the 62F range. The fish responded well to this drop. Why? Well, do you notice when the sun is high int he sky, feels like you skin is burning…and you walk into an air-conditioned room? Do you notice the difference? Yep. You sure do. The fish notice it too. They get so excited they jump higher.

Many folks up near the dam per usual this late summer period. You can run up there and get some. Rowing up and down catching some really nice trout. Also great below the dam. Much quieter in the canyon, the Cascade reach, and below Craig.

Streamer fishing in the rain was pretty good. Damn good? No, not really. Nor did we hear of awesomeness from this tossing the big fly. But it did work and some quite nice trout came to hand employing this sometimes forgotten summer discipline.

The shop is open daily @ 7am with all you need for summer fly angling on Montana’s Missouri River. Mark your calendar for the 21st of September for a cool Autumn music and fly fishing event with Howler Bros. More importantly see us this Labor Day Weekend for a kick ass fly sale on Sunday Only 50% off all flies. Yep. Smart anglers will be getting their boxes stuffed. Super deals on Headhunters Logo Wear, sungear, reels, fly lines, demo rods, and much much more!

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