Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.13.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report for this coming week including the weekend.

Warming up although it started out cool this morning throughout the week with air temps apparently moving into the low 90’s this week. Do we believe it? I guess so. While t is not the norm for September we don’t really expect anything different form this mystery month.


Until then we will enjoy the re-emergence of summer. Will we get a few more Trico’s before the Autumn fully sets in? Probably.

The Psuedo’s are out in force and we are getting the normal questions about how to catch them on top. The answer for most smart anglers is to move on down the river until you find tort that may entertain a dry fly. I will spend about 5 minutes on these mostly non eating fake fly fish. Do we care? We only care if they don’t eat our flies, and they commonly don’t. I have already spoken with several fellers that have invested hours on these fish. Are they eating on top? Sometimes. Sometimes they are eating just under the surface.

The nymphers are getting the job done with Purple Weight flies, Crawdads, Czech’s, big Tungsten PT’s, Hare’s Ears, October Caddis Pupa, Tan UV Czech’s, Juju BWO, Red Headed Step Children, Grape Slushy, Two Bit Hooker, Magic Fly BWO, Angel Hair PT’s, Purple Hot Spot PT’s, Gold Weight Flies…

The dry fly guys that are doing well are blind fishing bigger junk like the Hopper still, ants, beetles, Stimi’s, October Caddis dries, giant Adams and the like. Why not blind a few out there. Can’t hurt right?

Streamer fans are starting to froth at the mouth as we near the month of October. It will come. Headhunters has the best selection of Streamer Flies int he county. Fer sure dudes.

Rental Boats from Adipose and guides from Headhunters will get you through the week. Just had a big group right outta Great Falls here this weekend and they had a ball. Some went down river ad got them on the dry. The others went up river and got them on he nymph. Where will you go?

Headhunters open daily @ 7am and open late til 8pm. All kinds of fall clothing in the shop. Is it time for new waders this fall. Toss those leaky ones in the trash and get into a dry GoreTex set for the fall and winter. We can help. Rian gear and warm stuff too. Hats and gloves for all seasons. See you here this months and certainly in October!

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